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National Cemetery gets new signs

Photos by Phillip Jones

Photos by Phillip Jones

Six and a half years ago these signs were a dream for Jim Hamilton. After many letters, phone calls, emails, and texts, his dream came true. With the help of Andy Leaphart, chief engineer of operations for SCDOT and support of Bill Dukes, commissioner of the second congressional district, the signs are now in place. One is north bound and one is south bound on I-77 directing people coming into town showing which exit to take to get to the Fort Jackson National Cemetery. Jim Hamilton was presented a replica of the north bound sign. Above (l-r) standing on southbound I-77 are Andy Leaphart, chief engineer for South Carolina Deptartment of transportation; Jim Hamilton; and Bill Dukes, commissioner of second district. Below, Jim Hamilton holds a replica of the north bound cemetery sign he received for his hard work to get this project completed.



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