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Midlands Women on the Move

A celebration was held at Francis Burns United Methodist Church by The BlindSpot Art Foundation recently to acknowledge the accomplishments of 32 women.

The event began with a procession and introduction of the honorees into the room. Afterwards, Vanessa Ashford, the executive director of BlindSpot Art and the creator of Midlands Women on the Move told how her event came into fruition.

In between speeches by other members of the board, a musician played an array of jazz interludes to create a mood of calmness in the room. A buffet of fried chicken, rice, bread, and greens were prepared by Ella’s restaurant, owned by Ella Glover, an honoree. As the women finished dining, Alicia Anderson-Brown,Columbia chapter president of the National Association of Professional Womenspoke. Brown elaborated on how women should lift other women up and connect with each other professionally to make a difference in the community. She also sang a few verses of Diana Ross’s “Do You Know Where You’re Going To” to show the importance of knowing what ones dream is and how to get there.

All of the honorees were called one by one to receive a pink flower and a framed certificate. A picture of the whole group was taken at the end to document the event.

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