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On Friday, May 5, I saw Mission Impossible III at Sandhills Cinema Sixteen with my friends Nero and Michael. Since I had never seen any of the Mission Impossible movies, I had nothing to compare this one to.

MI3 started out near the end of the plotline then showed events leading up to that point. I have never cared much for the flashback technique because it can be a little confusing. So… I started this movie confused and ended it still puzzled. Maybe it would have been less befuddling if I were familiar with the old television show or had seen the other movies, but we’ll never know.

I tend to be something of a tech rat and special effects are one of my key focuses when I see a movie. In that regard this film fell a bit short except for some impressive explosions. Other than that, there is not much to talk about in this category.

John Dixon in front of Sandhills Cinema 16

John Dixon in front of Sandhills Cinema 16

I thought, being a spy thriller, there might have been more potential for technological feats and special effects, but I suppose that cost may have been a factor. I am sure they paid Tom Cruise a tidy sum for his lead in this feature, and while he did an able job, I do not understand his charm as an action adventure hero.

As I exited the theater, I was left to ponder, “What’s with the stupid rabbit’s foot in the biohazard container, and will there be a MI4 to clear up this mystery?” If so, I’ll probably pass on the sequel.

This movie didn’t thrill me. MI3 rates 3 stars for cast and a few cool pyrotechnics.

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