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Marketing book helps executives build a digital marketing program



Award-winning Columbia-based digital marketing expert Mary Cate Spires is launching her first book, On The Map: How Multi-Location Businesses Can Use Digital Marketing to Grow Revenue and Stay Ahead of the Competition. The goal is to help motivate multi-location businesses to look to digital marketing trends that have been successful in other industries instead of solely focusing on businesses within their niche.

Drawing on her unique experience in digital marketing for multi-location businesses, Spires outlines the ins and outs of digital marketing and teaches readers how to:

•Create goal-based strategies

•Build better brand awareness

•Drive more qualified traffic

•Convert leads into sales and more

“In a world that consistently forces businesses to find new methods of exposure, being chosen and getting better, I recommend that you read On The Map and keep it near your office. This guide to digital marketing will serve you, your business, and your customers well and enable you and your teams to navigate some of the most complex and constantly evolving business environments the world has ever seen,” says Jason Grier, EVP and CXO at, who wrote the foreword for the book.

Mary Cate Spires

Mary Cate Spires

Spires explains, “Remaining stagnant and using old methods is a recipe for irrelevant marketing. Multi-location businesses should recognize this shift. It is crucial for businesses to develop a strategy around digital marketing and roll it out before being left in the dust. The greatest challenge is many businesses struggle to effectively deploy a digital-marketing strategy across multiple locations.”

On The Map is designed to be a guidebook for multi-location businesses to deploy an intentional and strategic digital marketing strategy.

On The Map is currently available on Amazon.

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