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Land Development Code rewrite amendment approved to restart mapping process for rezoning

Richland County Council met May 3. All council members were present: Chair Overture Walker (District Eight), Vice Chair Jesica Mackey (District Nine), council member Bill Malinowski (District One), council member Derrek Pugh (District Two), council member Yvonne McBride (District Three), council member Paul Livingston (District Four), council member Allison Terracio (District Five), council member Joe Walker III (District Six), council member Gretchen Barron (District Seven), council member Cheryl English (District Ten), and council member Chakisse Newton (District 11).

A proclamation recognizing the Ridge View boys basketball state championship was approved and presented by the council.

A proclamation recognizing W.J. Keenan High School Lady Raiders’ third straight state championship was approved and presented by the council.

A proclamation honoring Richland County Detention Center correctional officers for National Correctional Officer Week (May 1–May 7, 2022) was approved by the council.

Three consent items were approved: 1) Emergency Services—Fire Division— purchase of fire pumper truck; 2) Department of Public Works— Engineering Division— Springwood Lakes community drainage project; 3) Upper Township Magistrate— Sheriff ’s Department substation.

Ordinance #05-53.5- 21 amending the Richland County Code of Ordinances so as to adopt the Richland County Land Development Code Re-write, and to replace Chapter 26, Land Development amending the effective dates of its provision and clarification of interim procedures was approved on first reading.

According to a statement released by Richland County Tuesday, May 3, “This vote gives initial approval to an ordinance that will restart the mapping process for the Land Development Code rewrite … ‘This restart presents an opportunity to further engage with the community on this issue,’ said Leonardo Brown, Richland County administrator.’”

The statement continues, “County Council adopted the new LDC text November 16, 2021, but it is not in effect because it requires approval of an amended zoning map, which has not yet occurred…. With the newly approved ordinance, the mapping process will restart, creating more opportunities for public input at the Planning Commission and staff level before the new LDC goes into effect.”

Jesica Mackey presented two recommendations from the Transportation Ad Hoc Committee regarding reallocation of Transportation Penny Program funds. The committee recommended council approve the deprogramming of the I-20/Broad River Road Interchange Project in the amount of $52,500,000. The committee also recommended the sale of mitigation credits to South Fork Ventures, LLC, which will generate $55,200 and be credited to the Transportation Penny Program. Both of these actions will allow for the funds to be returned to the Transportation Penny Program to be later allocated by the decision of council to other Transportation Penny Program projects.

Fiscal Year 22 District 8 Hospitality tax allocations were approved by council as published in the amended agenda.

A resolution honoring Richland County emergency medical service employees was approved.

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