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Hollywood moves into Hollywood Hills

A bungalow featured on last year’s Homes for the Holidays tour recently was commandeered by a local production company making an independent film.

The Hollywood Hills home of Karen Heid and Zack Kelehear became a set for the making of The Four Children of Tander Welch , starring Patty Duke and her son Mackenzie Astin. Astin appeared in scenes shot in the Heid-Kelehear home, but Duke did not.

“They took over for about a week,” said Karen Heid, who teaches in USC’s Art department. “Matthew Sefick was a graduate student in this department, and he dropped by to chat with our department chair, Dr. Cynthia Colvert. Matt mentioned the production team was looking for a bungalow to film part of the movie in, and Dr. Colvert said, ‘I know of a great bungalow,’ and called me to her office.”

During the shooting Heid and her husband Zack, took refuge at the Inn at USC.

“The Inn had become the living quarters for the movie crew of Death Sentence , starring Kevin Bacon. Some of the crew had been living there for several months,” Heid said. “The movie crew got to be such good friends with the staff there, they invited them to the wrap party.”

The crew has left now, and the homeowners and their pets have returned home and are awaiting to see the premiere. The film produced by this local company was funded by the SC Film Production Fund.

A release date has not been projected yet for the film starring the Academy Award winning actress, Patty Duke, who will star alongside her son Mackenzie Astin ( Iron Will , The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human ) in The Four Children of Tander Welch. This will be the first time mother and son have worked together on a film.

Nicholas Pryor ( Risky Business , Port Charles ) is also in the cast. South Carolina filmmakers Sefick, Ashlon Langley, and Stewart Grinton collaborated with Karla Berry and USC for the $100,000 to produce The Four Children of Tander Welch .

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