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High flying action at the 18th Annual Palmetto Cup

Bearcats strike early to down Cards

Cardinal Newman’s Mike Maracich tries to get the ball by B–C’s Alfredo Sanchez.

Cardinal Newman’s Mike Maracich tries to get the ball by B–C’s Alfredo Sanchez.

Day 1 – April 7, 2010

In the first half of Wednesday’s 2–1 victory for Brookland–Cayce over Cardinal Newman, the Bearcats were able to accomplish something they were unable to do the last couple of games, and that’s score two goals.

“Today was an offensive explosion. We scored two goals, which for us is a lot. It may seem like a low scoring game to everyone else, but we’ll take it,” said B–C coach Kevin Heise.

While Heise is concerned about the recent lack of scoring, he knows exactly where the problem is.

“It’s a lack of polishing in the final third. When opportunities present themselves, we have to cash in.”

Early on it appeared that Brookland–Cayce had moved past its scoring issues.

An early goal from Juan Flores gave Brookland– Cayce a 1–0 lead.

In the 26th minute, the Bearcats added to that lead when Taylor Lewis buried a penalty kick to put the Bearcats up 2–0.

Cardinal Newman’s Mike Collins and Brookland– Cayce’s Greg Stone race for the ball.

Cardinal Newman’s Mike Collins and Brookland– Cayce’s Greg Stone race for the ball.

However, when the second half came, Brookland– Cayce was unable to find the back of the net. The Bearcats did have opportunities.

In the 44th minute, the Bearcats had an opportunity when a pass from Herbert Cojulun to Thomas Harris provided a scoring chance, only to have Harris’s shot snatched up.

In the 67th minute Jose Rojas took a shot that flew just left of the goal.

While the Bearcats struggled to pull away, Cardinal Newman fought back, getting a goal in the 47th minute off of a header from Nick O’Rourke to cut the deficit to 2–1.

Besides that goal, however, Cardinal Newman coach Willy Eudy was disappointed in his team’s effort.

“We didn’t get better today because we didn’t compete. As long as we compete we’re going to get better. You have to compete for 80 minutes or you’re going to get beat. We didn’t compete hard enough. They wanted it more; it showed on the field.”

Brookland–Cayce’s Jalin Butler controls the ball as CN’s Jonathan Cleary closes in.

Brookland–Cayce’s Jalin Butler controls the ball as CN’s Jonathan Cleary closes in.

With the win, Brookland– Cayce earns 8 points for the tournament, while Cardinal Newman does come away with one point for scoring a goal.

“One thing we’ve been stressing on Monday and Tuesday in practice is that in tournament play if you fall flat in your face in the first game it’s hard to dig yourself out of the hole. We talked about coming out of here tonight with some points whether it was a tie or a win. We just needed something positive for the rest of the week. Getting a win is monumental for us and a real credit to our guys for sticking with the game plan,” Heise said.

Final Results

Courtesy of Kyle Heise &

Final Standings
1. Bishop England, 4-0-1, 31 pts
2. Farragut-TN, 4-0-0, 35 pts
(Unable to compete in Final due
to school prom in Knoxville, TN)
3. Wando, 3-2-0, 3-2-0, 29 pts
4. Fort Mill, 2-2-0, 22 pts
5. Northwestern, 3-1-0, 29 pts
6. Christ Church, 1-1-2, 17 pts
7. Norman North-OK, 2-2-0, 18 pts
8. Brookland-Cayce, 1-2-1, 12 pts
9. Cardinal Newman, 1-3-0, 11 pts
10. Walhalla, 0-3-1, 6 pts
11. Chapin, 1-2-1, 10 pts
12. Pinewood Prep, 0-4-0, 2 pts
Saturday, April 10 Results
Farragut-TN 4-0 Wando
Bishop England 3-1 Fort Mill
11th Place
Chapin 2-1 Pinewood Prep
9th Place
Cardinal Newman 3-2 Walhalla
7th Place
Norman North-OK 2-0 BC
5th Place
Northwestern 2-0 Christ Church
Bishop England 1-0 (pk 6-5) Wando
Friday, April 9 Results
Chapin 1-1 Walhalla
Norman North-OK 4-1 Pinewood Prep
Wando 4-1 Fort Mill
Farragut-TN 3-1 Northwestern
Bishop England 1-0 BC
Christ Church 1-0 Cardinal Newman
Thursday, April 8 Results
Bishop England 3-1 Cardinal Newman
Farragut-TN 1-0 Pinewood Prep
Fort Mill 4-0 Walhalla
Northwestern 7-2 Norman North-OK
Wando 3-0 Chapin
Brookland-Cayce 1-1 Christ Church
Wednesday, April 7 Results
Wando 7-0 Walhalla
Northwestern 3-0 Pinewood Prep
Fort Mill 3-0 Chapin
BC 2-1 Cardinal Newman
Bishop England 2-2 Christ Church
Farragut-TN 1-0 Norman North-OK
All-Tournament Team
Most Valuable Player
James Baldwin
Sr, D, Bishop England
Robert Beebe
Jr, K, Pinewood Prep
Eli Cothran
Jr, F, Walhalla
Chris Duzan
Sr, K, Brookland-Cayce
David Kesling
Sr, D, Chapin
Alex Martinez
Sr, Midfielder, Northwestern
Josh Mercadel
Sr, D, Fort Mill
Tournament Statisitics
Matches: 25
Goals Scored: 83
Per Match Average: 3.32
Shutouts: 13
Matches Decided by 0 Goals:
3 (12%)
Matches Decided by 1 Goal:
8 (32%)
Matches Decided by 2 Goals:
5 (20%)
Matches Decided by 3 Goals:
5 (20%)
Matches Decided by 4+ Goals:
4 (16%)
Group A (BE, B-C, CN, CC)
Combined Palmetto Cup
7-6-4 (.529)
Bishop England won title
WAN) Combined Palmetto Cup
6-9-2 (.412)
Wando made Finals; Fort Mill
made Semifinals.
Group C (FAR, NN, NW, PP)
Combined Palmetto Cup
9-7-0 (.563)
Farragut made Semifinals
Non-SC Record (FAR, NN):
6-2-0 (.750)
Class 4A Record (FM, WAN, NW):
8-5-0 (.615)
Class 3A Record (B-C,
2-4-2 (.375)
Class 2A Record (BE, WAL):
4-3-2 (.556)
Class 1A Record (CC):
1-1-2 (.500)
SCISA Record (CN, PP):
1-7-0 (.125)


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