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Gyrotonic studio opens in Five Points

Barbara Gelberd uses the Gyrotonic method on a client.

Barbara Gelberd uses the Gyrotonic method on a client.

Get a Gyrotonic workout at The Movement Studio opening in Five Points across from Yesterdays and above The Baked Bear.

Owner and licensed trainer Barbara Gelberd is a student of Miriam Barbosa, a former Columbia resident and world renowned Gyrotonic teacher/trainer. Gelberd opened The Movement Studio as her next phase of life career to pursue her passion for the Gyrotonic method and to provide studio space for other Barbosa-trained teachers.

Practicing the Gyrotonic method is unlike any other exercise. It’s built on the idea that the human body is like a gyroscope, always moving and changing direction. The specialized Gyrotonic equipment supports these natural movement patterns.

Sophisticated adjustments allow Gyrotonic trainers to adapt the equipment to the ideal setting for each person’s unique physique, accounting for height, arm and leg length, natural range of motion, physical ability, and more. Originally developed to rehabilitate injured dancers in the ’80s, it has evolved to be accessible to anybody, Millennials to Boomers.

The Gyrotonic method offers a way to lengthen and strengthen core muscles while repairing aches and pains, like lower neck and back pain, associated with a hectic life, limited exercise, and aging. None of the movements take place at right angles but rather in rhythmic, circular motions assisted by a licensed trainer.

Instead of a big lunge forward and then back, for instance, clients move in big circles giving their joints greater range of motion. Some say, “It’s fantastic for hip, shoulder, and spine mobility.”

Gyrotonics is a gentle and strenuous workout designed to leave clients supple and toned, prepared to build each time toward more energy and a healthier life. Learn more at

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