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Great Cayce Lockdown celebrates Cayce Riverwalk Expansion

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The City of Cayce, in partnership with the River Alliance, hosted the “Great Cayce Lockdown,” a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Phase 1 Extension of the Cayce Riverwalk Park, a component of the Three Rivers Greenway on Friday, October 27.

The “Great Cayce Lockdown” began at the rear of the Pointe West apartment complex, located at 215 Spencer Place in Cayce, where historic pictures of the area were on display, and tours of the government locks were provided.

The Cayce Riverwalk Extension runs one mile from the current end of the Cayce Riverwalk at the Pointe West apartment complex, under two railroad trestles where a protective covered shelter resembling an old railroad waiting dock has been built. This riverwalk continues along the backside of the Martin Marrieta quarry, and crosses a bridge over a deep creek bed to the government locks location.

“The Expansion of the Cayce Riverwalk will allow our city’s residents direct access to the river for recreational enjoyment, learning the history of the river, and seeing the many natural habitats that abound along this magnificent stretch of Greenway,” said Mayor Avery Wilkerson of Cayce.

Natural wonders, including waterfalls, unique foliage, wildlife habitats, and history abound along this new section of the Greenway. One unique point of interest for history buffs includes the old dam which can be seen from the locks running along the Richland County side of the river.

Phase II of the extension will include the construction of a 1910 style Lockkeepers House with restroom facilities, a police substation, additional meeting space for public use, and additional picnic tables.

The $1 million financing for the Cayce Riverwalk extension is made possible by a tax increment financing district that has been in place in the city for some time.

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