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Foster family takes in abandoned best friends

This shih-Tzu and tabby cat were left behind to fend for themselves when an elderly owner was placed in a senior care facility.

This shih-Tzu and tabby cat were left behind to fend for themselves when an elderly owner was placed in a senior care facility.

Last November, we ( The Humane Society) received a heartbreaking call. A repairman, readying an empty house for the sales market, found two very scared, very confused, and very hungry animals, an old and partially blind shih-Tzu mix and an even older scruffy orange tabby cat.

Their elderly owner had recently been placed in a senior care facility by her grown son. He had come in from Texas to situate her in the nursing home and to begin the process of getting her affairs in order before returning to Texas. What he failed to do before returning to Texas was to find new homes for his mother’s beloved animal companions, instead opting to leave them to fend for themselves in the empty house without food or water.

You can only imagine the fear and confusion these precious animals were suffering.

We did not know the names of these animals, only that they were in need of immediate medical attention. They had gone a long time without food or water, and their advanced ages only complicated the situation. We immediately put them in the care of a veterinarian, where they received IV fluids and the nutrients that they needed to slowly bring back their health.

It wasn’t long before we were rewarded with a wagging tail and a loud purr. With their health on the mend, now came the job of finding them a home, not an easy task during the holiday season, especially for “senior” animals who needed to stay together.

It should come as no surprise, as it was the “Season of Miracles,” that a kind and generous foster family came forward and opened their hearts, agreeing to give these two animal friends a forever home together.

But countless other animals are still hurting and at risk.

As the winter months approach, far too many cats and dogs are abandoned on the streets or left outside in the cold, innocent creatures neglected by humans who promised to love them.

Providing low cost spay/neuter surgeries, helping pet owners with vaccines and routine care, and providing for unwanted and neglected animals have stretched our resources to the limit.

You can help us provide these important services by contributing.

When you contribute, you’ll help save animals from terrible cruelty and suffering. And you’ll also bring great joy to the caring humans who adopt these furry friends and make them part of their families.

Thank you for your ongoing support that helps bring happy endings to hundreds of deserving animals every year.


The Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a 501( c)( 3) non- profit organization located in Columbia, SC. Our primary mission is to end animal cruelty, abuse, and over population. We strive to accomplish these goals by investigating reports of abuse and by operating a low cost spay/neuter clinic which provides over 9,500 sterilization surgeries per year.

Our organization is governed by a board of directors made up of community leaders from the Columbia-Midlands area. We are funded through fees for surgical services, grants, and private donations. We receive no funds from public sources.

Your tax deductible donation will be used to support our low- cost spay/neuter clinic and to help us in our efforts to end animal cruelty and abuse.

If you wish to mail in your contribution, please send a check to:

The Humane Society
121 Humane Lane
Columbia, SC 29209

If you are considering a donation and would like additional information, please feel free to contact Wayne Brennessel, Executive Director, at 803.783.1267 x18 .

Donations can be made in the following ways:

• In Memory Of: Donations can be made in the memory of loved ones or pets. A thank you letter will be sent to the family of the person/pet being memorialized and included in our quarterly newsletter.

• In Honor Of: Donations can be made in honor of individuals or pets. A thank you letter will be sent to the individual/pet’s family being honored and included in our quarterly newsletter.

• In-Kind Donations: The Humane Society is always in need of clinic supplies and equipment. Inkind donations are tax deductable, and The Humane Society will provide you with an acknowledgement letter that can be used for tax purposes. If you would like to make an inkind donation, please contact Wayne Brennessel, CEO, at 803.783.1267 x18 or via email at

Gifts of Service: If you would like to donate your time, please visit our page on Volunteering.

All donations to The Humane Society are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please consult your tax advisor should you have any questions regarding a contribution to The Humane Society. Our federal identification number is: 57- 0407367.

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