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Dreher wins Academic Decathlon

The Academic Decathlon is officially the most rigorous academic competition in the nation for high school students who compete in ten events. The events include written tests in language and literature, economics, science, art, music, mathematics, and the super quiz topic, a specific theme for the year, which was the Renaissance. Additionally, students compete in essay, speech, and interview.

Dreher High School’s United States Academic Decathlon Team won the state championship on March 3 at USC. This marks the fourth consecutive year the Dreher team has represented SC at the national competition.

This year’s overall Gold Medalist is Ali Collins; Amy Zhang, overall Silver Medalist; and Claire Sumaydeng- Bryan, overall Bronze Medalist. Nine students represented Dreher in the competition:

+Honors Level: Ali Collins, Amy Zhang and Jaclyn Hall

+Scholastic Level: Cary Fontana, Patrick Barrineau and Jonathan Watson

+Varsity Level: Claire Sumaydeng-Bryan, Robert Starnes and Terrence Aldridge

The team won Gold, Silver, and Bronze at the Honors, Scholastic, and Varsity Levels. This is the first year Dreher has won all nine overall medals.

Overall Results


* Gold-Jaclyn Hall and

Amy Zhang

* Silver-Cary Fontana

and Jonathan Watson

* Bronze-Claire

Sumaydeng -Bryan


* Gold-Amy Zhang

* Silver-Patrick


* Bronze-Claire



Silver-Ali Collins


* Gold-Jaclyn Hall

* Silver-Amy Zhang

* Bronze-Patrick



* Gold-Amy Zhang

* Silver-Ali Collins

* Bronze-aclyn Hall


* Gold-Ali Collins

* Silver-Jaclyn Hall

* Bronze-Amy Zhang


* Gold-Claire



* Gold-Ali Collins and

Claire Sumaydeng-


* Silver-Amy Zhang

and Jaclyn Hall

* Bronze-Robert


Language and


* Gold-Amy Zhang

* Silver-Jaclyn Hall

and Ali Collins

Super Quiz:

* Gold-Amy Zhang

* Silver-Ali Collins

* Bronze-Cary


Individual Medal Totals:

* Ali Collins: 20

* Amy Zhang: 20

* Jaclyn Hall: 17

* Cary Fontana: 14

* Patrick Barrineau: 13

* Jonathan Watson: 9

* Terrence Aldridge: 11

* Robert Starnes: 12

* Claire Sumaydeng-

Bryan: 18

Kaileen Yeh, an alternate, received the top team score in math, and Luke Bradley, also an alternate, had the top economics score in the competition.

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