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Don’t waste our votes

Every 10 years our states redraw lines for state legislatures and Congressional districts. In South Carolina, this process officially begins in March 2021 when the Census releases new data. However, the real work begins immediately to ensure this process gives us more choices for voters and less polarization in our politics.

Voters must choose their politicians, not politicians their voters. South Carolina’s redistricting process must focus on the needs of all voters rather than the needs of incumbents or political parties.

The League of Women Voters of South Carolina, AARP of South Carolina, and NAACP of South Carolina are leading a nonpartisan campaign to reform S. C.’s redistricting process with an independent commission to draw district boundaries, using criteria that do not focus on preserving incumbents or party interests.

District lines should not be drawn to waste our votes on artificially predetermined outcomes. On November 4, Don’t Waste our Votes: Nonpartisan Redistricting for S.C. will present information about how redistricting works and about plans to work towards a better redistricting process for South Carolina.

Representatives Gary Clary (R-Pickens) and Laurie Funderburk ( D- Kershaw) will talk about the work they have done and plan to do to protect the interests of voters during redistricting. Organizations and individuals who wish to be informed and engaged in grass roots advocacy are encouraged to attend.

Want your vote to matter? Advocate for district lines that do not waste votes and come out to this free event at 701 Whaley Street, Columbia, from 10:30 a.m. to noon November 4, 2017.

For information, contact Lynn S. Teague, VP of Issues and Action, League of Women Voters of South Carolina, 803 556-9802,

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