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Dessau scuba immersion trip scheduled for February

Bonaire, also know as the island of the flamingoes

Bonaire, also know as the island of the flamingoes

The first Dessau International immersion scheduled for 2023 will be to Bonaire February 11–18. In addition to diving or snorkeling, participants will get to experience quality of life on the surface and learn a bit about its history. Bonaire, one of the ABC islands off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean, is also known as the island of the flamingoes. Most tourists are familiar with Aruba and Curacao, but scuba divers are quite aware of Bonaire.

There are 86 documented sites accessible from the shore or by boat that make this destination popular for divers and/or snorkelers. Though sharks are very rare, sea turtles are often encountered.

Bonaire is part of the Netherlands so another benefit while not diving is to enjoy local food and beverage offering. Bonaire Blonde is produced by a local micro-brewery, and Cadushi distillery has developed a liquor made from cactus. Participants of the February immersion will enjoy fine dining at restaurants offering local, Cuban, French, Argentine, Chinese, or Japanese dishes.

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