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Creative hobbies can lead to personal and professional growth

Much has been made of the value of hobbies in providing a distraction from the daily grind. The value of escapism is hard to define, but many successful professionals find that having a hobby that has nothing to do with their profession provides a much-needed respite during those times when work becomes overwhelming.

Hobbies might provide an invaluable escape for busy professionals, but those professionals should know that creative hobbies also could benefit their careers. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology found that non-work creative activity was positively associated with performance-related professional outcomes, including job creativity.

With so much to gain from engaging in creative hobbies, individuals looking for valuable ways to spend their time away from the office can take up activities such as painting, writing, sculpting, dancing, and/or knitting, among others. It’s worth nothing that the value of taking up such activities goes beyond personal and professional growth. According to experts, creative pursuits such as art increase brain plasticity, which is the brain’s ability to grow and change over time. Increased brain plasticity can make it easier to learn new skills and maintain flexibility of thinking into old age. Increased brain plasticity also has been linked to a greater ability to maintain a high IQ.

Creative hobbies are often characterized as a valuable way to blow off steam and reduce stress associated with the many responsibilities of adulthood. Though such characterizations are accurate, the value of creative hobbies extends much further and can positively affect individuals’ careers and long-term health.

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