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City Council approves funding of Marion Street Bioretention Stormwater Project

During the May 16 City Council meeting, council approved a resolution authorizing the mayor and city council to execute an agreement between the City of Columbia and the South Carolina Office of Resilience to fund the Marion Street Bioretention Stormwater Project.

This project will mitigate the impact of future disasters, improve the stormwater quality in the Smith Branch Watershed, and remove impervious area. The purpose of this project is to improve the existing stormwater quality that drains into Smith Branch and upgrade the drainage infrastructure along Marion Street. The design will replace some parking on Marion Street to add greenspace, providing safety improvements and beautification.

This project is funded through the city’s Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan in conjunction with a grant from the S. C. Office of Resiliency (SCOR) funded by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Stormwater Program. The SCOR grant will provide $ 1,280,619 to fund the project construction. The city will fund the design, permitting, and construction engineering inspection estimated at $203,286. The city’s portion of project funding has previously been budgeted for this effort from the city’s stormwater CIP fund.

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