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Cayce prepares for the 2020 Census

The Cayce City Council met Wednesday, May 22 at Cayce City Hall. Members present were Mayor Pro Tem Tara Almond, Councilmember James “Skip” Jenkins, Councilmember Phil Carter, and Councilmember Eva Corley.

Almond presided in the absence of Mayor Elise Partin. The invocation and Pledge of Allegiance were led by Corley.

Patricia Cooper presented information about the upcoming 2020 Census to the council. She shared that the City of Cayce needs to establish a complete count committee in preparation for the 2020 Census. Complete count committees are comprised of government leaders, faith groups, community leaders, and volunteers who work together to ensure a most accurate count of the residents of the City of Cayce. The members will provide their local knowledge to help members of the United States Census Bureau. They will know the best way to reach citizens and raise awareness about the importance of participating in the Census. An accurate Census count will provide for the most effective distribution of billions of dollars of federal funds around the nation.

Almond responded the council will be proactive in establishing a complete count committee and will commit to work for a successful 2020 Census.

In other action, the following four ordinances were approved by unanimous vote:

•Ordinance 2019-03 rezoning 1908 State Street ( TMS #005769-08-004) from RS-3 (Single Family Residential) to C-3 (Central Commercial District).

•Ordinance 2019-04 amending Zoning Ordinance Section 6.10 (“Design Overlay District”) to provide for a new I-77 Gateway Design Overlay District.

•Ordinance 2019-05 amending Zoning Map and rezoning property to create a new Design Overlay District (I-77 Gateway Design Overlay District).

•Ordinance 2019-06 amending City Code Section 28-114 (“Discharging Firearms”) to provide for additional exceptions.

Council approved by unanimous vote to provide the $39,235.35 grant match for the Julius Felder Sidewalk Phase III Project and for the city manager to sign the financial participation agreement. Phase III of the Julius Felder Sidewalk Project will remove an existing sidewalk and install a new ADA-compliant sidewalk on Julius Felder Street from Hemlock Street to Frink Street. The City of Cayce has received a $156,941 grant from the S.C. Department of Transportation for the project.

The city manager provided a report to the council on the status of the new development projects in Cayce including a very positive review by the Law Enforcement Accreditation Board review of the Cayce Department of Public Safety. She said it is an important accreditation to receive at the state level.

Council adjourned to executive session.

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