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Businesses partner for children’s creativity and education

DoodleSculpt makes 3D creations out of children’s artwork.

DoodleSculpt makes 3D creations out of children’s artwork.

Tag-it-Art, where art “magically” comes alive, is 100% devoted to children.

This local art studio at 4517 Forest Acres was started by Jackie Humphries originally from Johnston, S.C., and a graduate of the University of South Carolina in 2007 with a bachelor of fine arts in painting and a minor in psychology.

After graduation, Humphries worked for several years in Columbia as a full time nanny. She says she “loved working with children and always wanted to be self-employed.”

In 2008, she started her own business, Tag-it- Art, a children’s art studio that offers the opportunity for children to use their imagination with guided art instruction in painting, drawing, and working with other media.

Humphries says, “Columbia needed another outlet for children’s activities, and Forest Acres is a very family-oriented town.”

Tag-it-Art offers classes for children as young as 18-months through elementary school during the school year. The Tag-it-Art studio can also be reserved by families for children’s birthday parties with art activities. It also offers day camps in two sessions ages 4-8 and for ages 5-12 during the summer. There is “open studio time” for parents to bring their children in to create their own artwork with the aid of Humphries and the studio staff.

Through a partnership between Tag-it-Art and DoodleSculpt, a 3Dprinting company in downtown Columbia, a young child’s art can become a professionally digitally designed 3D replica of the child’s work created by six types of computer software and a process known as “additive manufacturing.”

DoodleSculpt, which launched its 3D printing business on Gervais Street, was founded by CEO John Carrington to provide 3D sculptures of children’s artwork as a gift piece and also as a learning tool to educate young minds on the possibilities of engineering, including digital engineering, and the most recent manufacturing technologies available.

Tag-it-Art is the only business that offers the 3D technology for children’s artwork other than orders placed through the DoodleSculpt website at To have your child’s artwork created into a DoodleSculpt 3D gift piece, simply contact Tag-it-Art at 803-782-6990 or email the studio at

DoodleSculpt has also created a curriculum adopted by several Midlands schools to teach a workshop for elementary school students on the science behind the “magic” of DoodleSculpt. The workshops cost $500 per classroom, and children in smaller workgroups draw, color, or paint a piece of artwork ,and then the staff of DoodleSculpt creates a 3D image of their work.

The students are asked to discuss the 3D piece of art for its functionality and make suggestions on how it can be improved. A second DoodleSculpt replica is created with the changes suggested by the students to further the learning process and discussion.

DoodleSculpt owns one of many 3D printers that are being utilized across the nation and internationally.

Matt Luther, regional business development manager, says the state of South Carolina has one of the largest manufacturers of 3D printing in the world, 3D Systems, located in Rock Hill, S.C.

Luther says, “South Carolina has a unique opportunity to be in on the forefront of manufacturing as a hub for 3D printing.”

He notes that BMW US Manufacturing Company, Michelin Group, and Boeing South Carolina are each major consumers of 3D technology, and the design and manufacturing skills should be taught to our students beginning in elementary schools and included in vocational education centers and colleges and universities.

Most recently, DoodleSculpt has signed a contract with Garnet & Black Traditions to produce official 3D University of South Carolina products. DoodleSculpt has created a new line of sales of collegiate products called Z-verse. Doodle- Sculpt has also received the license from Gamecock football player Marcus Lattimore to create his likeness in 3D products.

For more information about DoodleSculpt’s collegiate products, visit

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