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1963        Celebrating 60 Years      2023

Blue Devils, Falcons, & Silver Foxes win titles at State Swim Meet

SCHSL Swim State
October 7-8
UofSC Solomon Blatt
PE Center

(State Champions in bold)

Class AA/AAA
Gray Collegiate

Girls 200 Yard IM: KP Coker, Third Place, 2: 10.11. Boys 50 Yard Freestyle: Elijah Coker, Fourth Place, 22:35. Boys 100 Yard Butterfly: John Coker, Third Place, 52.67. Boys 100 Yard Freestyle: Elijah Coker, Fifth Place, 49.12. Boys 100 Yard Backstroke: John Coker, Second Place, 1:00.45. Girls Individual Rankings: KP Coker, 14th Place. Girls Team Rankings: Gray Collegiate, 21st. Boys Team Rankings: Gray Collegiate, 11th Place.


Girls 50 Yard Freestyle: Jane Koch, Third Place, 23.95. Girls 100 Yard Butterfly: Jane Koch, First Place, 56.97. Boys 100 Yard Backstroke: Quinn Carter, Fourth Place, 54.46. Girls Individual Rankings: Jane Koch, Fourth Place. Girls Team Rankings: Dreher, 10th Place. Boys Team Rankings: Dreher, 12th Place.

W.J. Keenan

Girls Individual Rankings: Olivia Joseph, 86th. Girls Team Rankings: WJ Keenan, 26th Place.

Class AAAA

A. C. Flora

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay: Fourth Place; Bella Cannon, Hannah Montgomery, Ellie Porter, Sophia Decker. Girls 200 Yard Freestyle: Ellie Porter, Fifth Place, 1:56.13. Girls 200 Yard IM: Hannah Montgomery, Sixth Place, 2: 14.57. Boys 50 Yard Freestyle: Darden Tate, First Place, 21.22. Girls 500 Yard Freestyle: Ellie Porter, Fourth Place, 5:15.17. Gi r ls 100 Yard Breaststroke: Hannah Montgomery, First Place, 1: 05.32. Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke: Darden Tate, First Place, 57.03. Girls Team: A. C. Flora, Seventh Place. Boys Team: A. C. Flora, 13th Place. Girls Individual Rankings: Hannah Montgomery, Seventh Place.


Boys 100 Yard Butterfly: Emmanuel Gadson, Second Place, 51.13. Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke: Gadson Emmanuel, Second Place, 58.14. Girls Team: Irmo, 20th Place. Boys Team: Irmo, Seventh.

Ridge View

Boys 500 Yard Freestyle: Ewan Dalrymple, Sixth Place, 4:58.13. Girls Team: Ridge View, 26th Place. Boys Team: Ridge View, 15th Place.


Boys Team: Airport, 23rd Place.

Dutch Fork

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay: Fourth Place; Joani Oliver, Emily McMahan, Ava McCarty, Kate Bogan. Girls 50 Yard Freestyle: Kate Bogan, First Place, 24.42. Girls 100 Yard Freestyle: Kate Bogan, Third Place, 53.58. Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay: First Place; Ava McCarty, Joani Oliver, Emily McMahan, Kate Bogan; 1: 38.83. Girls Individual Rankings: Kate Bogan, Fourth Place. Girls Team Rankings: Dutch Fork, Sixth Place.

Spring Valley

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay: Fourth Place, Patrick Quirk, Joseph Frye, Pedro Robertson, Isaiah Grant. Boys 200 Yard Freestyle: William Alexander, Sixth Place, 1:47.29. Boys 200 Yard IM: Joseph Frye, Fourth Place, 1: 56.77. Boys 100 Yard Butterfly: Patrick Quirk, Sixth Place, 53.31. Boys 100 Yard Backstroke: Patrick Quirk, Fifth Place, 53.12. Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke: Joseph Frye, Third Place, 58.80. Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: Sixth Place; Patrick Quirk, William Alexander, Pedro Robertson, Joseph Frye; 3:20.70. Girls Individual Rankings: Elizabeth Johnson, 43rd Place. Girls Team Rankings: Spring Valley, 14th Place. Boys Team Rankings: Spring Valley, Fourth Place.


Girls Individual Rankings: Keira Gust, 64th Place. Girls Team Rankings: Blythewood, 26th Place. Boys Team Rankings: Blythewood, 10th Place.


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