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Blooming Butterflies at EdVenture



Visit EdVenture’s “Blooming Butterflies,” and explore the world of these fascinating insects now through October. Interact with live butterflies and watch chrysalises emerge into beautiful butterflies and moths through the “Bloom Room” viewing window. Up to 20 native Southeastern species are on display. EdVenture, 211 Gervais St.,, 803.779.3100.

Admission is free for members. Regular admission prices for non–members apply plus an additional $3 to experience this exhibit.

Butterfly releases

Tuesday–Saturday, and Mondays beginning Me-morial Day throughout the summer, witness live butterfly releases into their new home each day except Sunday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the newly reopened “Blooming Butterflies” outdoor pavilion.

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