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Black Man, former Democrat, Trump supporter

I am writing to you as a black man, a former Democrat, and a Trup supporter. I left the Democratic party when I realized I only mattered to them during an election year. Under President Donald Trump, Black Americans have benefitted more in three and a half years than ever under the Obama/Biden Administration.

The pro-choice policy that results in the death of 900 black babies EVERY DAY is fully supported by Democrats across the nation. Joe Biden led the fight in the Democratic party for mass incarceration throughout the 80s and 90s. In contrast, President Trump is pro-life, signed the First Step Act in which 90 percent of those who benefitted were Black Americans, increased funding for historically black colleges, and led the black community to the lowest unemployment numbers.

As President Trump has said to the black community before, “You don’t have to choose to leave the Democrat Party because the Democrat Party already left you a long time ago.”

This November, join me in voting for Republican President Donald Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Congressman Joe Wilson.

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