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Ian Duggan

Ian Duggan

A total of 32 Gallivan White Boyd attorneys have been nominated and selected by their peers for inclusion in Columbia Business Monthly, Greenville Business Magazine, and Charleston Business Magazine’s 2023 Legal Elite, including Ian Conits, A. Johnston Cox, Gray Culbreath, John T. Lay Jr., W. Duffie Powers, Debbie Brown, Natal ie Ecker, Amity Edmonds, T. Cory Ezzell, Amelia Farmer, H. Mills Gallivan, Casey Gonyea, Jennifer Johnsen, John A. “Jay” Jones, Laura Jordan, Lindsay Joyner, Carter Massingill, Stuart Mauney, William Maurides, Kyle McGann, Shelley Montague, Chrissie Ormond, Paige Ornduff, Curtis Ott, Makenzie P. Segars, W. Duffie Powers, Michael Rabb, Phil Reeves, David Rheney, Ron Tate, Daniel White, Hunter Williams, and Ron Wray.

Columbia Business Monthly has named five Bluestein Attorneys to its “Legal Elite of the Midlands” list, including John Nichols, Clarke Newton, Marti Bluestein, Allison Sullivan, and Stacy Thompson.

Ian Duggan, a member with Callison Tighe & Robinson law firm, has been included in Columbia Business Monthly’s “Legal Elite of the Midlands” list.

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