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Amazon awards $15,000 to SC Science Academy Laboratory

Amazon recently awarded the SC Science Academy $15,000 in grant funding to purchase additional university style laboratory equipment for its advanced science lab. The grant was awarded last summer, and the school purchased an array of laboratory equipment ranging from microscopes to glassware.

Officials from Amazon Inc. flew into Columbia recently to see SC Science Academy scholars using the newly purchased equipment in their biology and chemistry classes. Amazon executives were treated to a one hour lab, as they were partnered with student teams to conduct scientific experiments.

Dr. George Matsui, biology/chemistry teacher at SCSA explained, “To have this equipment is a dream come true. Having previously worked in the University of South Carolina’s labs, I can tell you that SC Science Academy rivals any high school and many undergraduate labs. We are now the premier science lab for middle and secondary education in South Carolina. I am so honored and thankful to Amazon to work in this lab with these kids.”

Executive Director Dr. Tim Murph said, “This new equipment will energize our students and introduce countless future scholars into the marvels of STEM education. Amazon is now a partner in the education of SCSA scholars, and I thank Amazon for all it does for public education across our country.”

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