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A toast to fun and fashion

Carol Doonan, owner of fab’rik, stands outside her store in Trenholm Plaza giving a toast to her customers.

Carol Doonan, owner of fab’rik, stands outside her store in Trenholm Plaza giving a toast to her customers.

It’s the little shop with the unique name in Trenholm Plaza, but its appeal is definitely universal – fab’rik.

It’s pronounced just like “fabric,” but like its name, the products inside the store are unique and a little bit quirky. That’s what attracted store owner Carol Doonan, who opened the 24th franchise in 2014.

“I would shop in Atlanta with my daughter, and we loved fab- rik because we both could find something we loved. I had no retail background previously, but I have loved fashion and enjoyed shopping for years,” she said. “This seemed like a perfect fit.”

“Our slogan is ‘high style with a heart—no attitude or sticker shock,’” said Doonan. “We want to think of it as a place where both a mother and a daughter can find cool, unique pieces for under $100.”

In order to achieve that unique component, fab-rik’s policy is to only stock six of any item, and tries to make sure the jewelry, accessories, and clothes are not ones you will find en- masse at a department store.

“We also try to make customer service a part of our culture,” Doonan said. “We want to make people feel comfortable in our store by offering a few extra services that might set us apart. And if we don’t have a particular item, we steer our customers to stores that do.”

Those “extra” services include free gift wrap and monthly sales. The store always has a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages on hand and during football season, a television and a comfy couch for those who love sports and shopping or sports fans who are with those who love shopping.

And from June 22- 25, the store has a unique promotion called “$20 for your thoughts,” wherein customers can come in with a suggestion on how to make fab- rik better, and they receive $20 off any purchase of $100 or more.

The corporate store also offers programs that give back to the community, several of which Doonan is planning on implementing. One of them is “free fab- rik,” which provides free shopping sprees to girls and women who have a need. According to fab- rik’s website, “the mission is much more about the conversations had and the confidence built during those sprees, as (founder) Dana (Spinola) truly believes clothing can change lives.” Doonan said she is planning the first “free fab-rik” in August. She has also hosted several “shop for a cause” nights for charities, giving 20 percent of all sales to a designated local charity. Doonan, a life-time Forest Acres resident, said she loves being in Trenholm Plaza and enjoys being a business owner. “It’s been a lot of fun because I really like the products we sell,” she said. “I feel like we have something in our store that will appeal to a teenager, and something that will be attractive to a 70-year-old woman.”

Store hours: Monday Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday – noon to 5 p. m. Phone number is 803-764-1750. Find out more about fab-rik at

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