RSWCD Awards Spring Education Grants

Last month, Richland Soil and Water Conservation District (RSWCD) offices announced the recipients of the Spring Conservation Mini Grants, awarded to students in Richland County schools and education sites to encourage hands-on environmental education. RSWCD offers the Mini-Grants twice a year to support youth education initiatives throughout the county. Two local elementary schools received $1,000 each to participate in hydroponics, […]

Train your dog come happily and come now

Last month’s Pet Page article,, gave tips on the foundation for building a reliable coming when called, or recall, behavior from your dog. This article will outline some games and tips that build on that foundation and the principles of building a reliable recall behavior. As a reminder, coming to you should always be something positive for your dog. […]

SUMC celebrates Easter with Hallelujah

The choir at Shandon United Methodist Church performs the Hallelujah Chorus Easter Sunday morning.

Pineville, a historic refuge

Santee Canal, a simple design
Originally published May 25, 2007

In his 1875 History of The Santee Canal, F.A. Porcher was very critical of Col. John Christian Senf, the engineer of the project, “With all his abilities, Col. Senf had infirmities of temper, which made him an unsafe director in this pioneer of industrial enterprise in the state.” Porcher criticized Senf for ignoring Mouzon’s map and its canal routes and, […]

Automated contributions can grow your 529 savings

The flowers, the trees, the birds, even the seasonal allergies signal spring is here. It’s always refreshing—aside from the allergies—to welcome a new season of growth. And it’s good to remember that growth doesn’t need to be limited to nature. Perhaps this spring, you’ll consider taking up a new hobby to help you grow your skill set. Or maybe this […]

God spelled backwards is DOG not Doc!

I’m just saying...

Sometimes I have to wonder about the state of our medical community. Most of the time, you have an appointment and you get to see the doctor and he or she will prescribe something to fix what ails you and all is right with the world. I’m very lucky with my doctors because all of them see their patients on […]


Jason Bruner has joined Hampton Street Vineyard, downtown Columbia’s upscale French bistro, as executive chef. M. Neil Jones, CPA, has been named executive vice president of Colliers South Carolina’s board of directors. The South Carolina Arts Commission has welcomed two new program directors: Tanisha Brown as artist development director and Rebecca Pearson as rural arts director. Margot Lane Strasburger has […]


NAI Columbia’s John Gregory, PE, CCIM and Bill Lamar sold 206 Medical Circle in West Columbia. The property is a 8,200 SF medical office. NAI Columbia’s Tom Milliken, Tombo Milliken, and Nelson Weston sold 138.50 acres of land in SE Richland County. The property is located off Longwood Road.

Great part-time jobs for retirees

Many adults nearing retirement age count down the days until they can bid adieu to the daily tasks of commuting and working so they can enjoy much more time for recreation, travel or whatever is they aspire to do. As enticing as unending free time may seem, some retirees find it is not ideal to be entirely free from the […]

Ten facts about trade school

Vocational programs attract students who do not want to attend a traditional college or university. Prospective trade school students can keep this information in mind as they consider if a career in the trades is right for them. 1. Students can often learn a trade and enter a related profession within 10 to 24 months of enrolling in trade school. […]