“Don’t give up because of age!”

At 75 years young, Pam Drant constantly strives to fulfill her lifelong mission of helping people live their best lives. As a fitness enthusiast and firm believer in the benefits of exercise, Drant shares her positive energy and knowledge throughout the week by teaching a wide variety of classes to people of all ages at the YMCA and JCC. Her […]

Muzzle is not a bad word

If you see a dog in a muzzle, you immediately think the dog is aggressive. Right? Well, this is not always true. Unfortunately, seeing a dog in a muzzle carries the stigma the dog is vicious, but there are multiple reasons a dog might be wearing a muzzle. While muzzles do prevent a dog from biting, they can also be […]

Community answers call when local artist needs help

While the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be calming down these days, some of the damage it left in its wake is still out there causing people to take steps they never thought they’d have to take. One such victim is a local Columbia artist, Christian Thee. The talented “painter with panache” told the Star during the pandemic his art business […]

It had to be snakes

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

I’m not sure why Clayton and I bonded. We parked next to each other in the official company parking lot, so we interacted nearly every day. But there was something else—still not sure what. In ’80s workplaces, someone was always pranking someone, and anyone who didn’t accept or understand that was usually looked at with suspicion. If you can’t laugh […]

There’s plenty to do in Columbia

Letter to the Editor

As I drove through the countryside, I listened to the message and could only shake my head. The young man, who will finish his residency next June, really wanted to locate his practice in South Carolina. However, he didn’t think the Midlands would be an option. “I’ve never heard of Columbia,” he said, and “my wife’s been there but says […]

Under the Tuscan Spell—

San Gimignano, the Town of Beautiful Knockers
Originally published September 9, 2005

After our pasta party, Linda and I took a quick nap then joined the group for a tour of a nearby medieval Tuscan town—San Gimignano, known as the Town of Beautiful Towers. San Gimignano dominates the Elsa River Valley with its medieval towers silhouetted against the Tuscan sky. There were once 76 towers in the town built by the rich […]


Margaret C. Papadea, MD, FACOG, has joined Lexington Medical Center’s network of care at South Carolina OB/GYN Associates. Marcia Iszard has been named the 2022-23 president of the 1,400-member South Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists (S.C.A.N.A.). Kaleigh M. Keister, DO, has joined Lexington Medical Center’s network of care at Lexington Women’s Care West Columbia. Bethany C. Bray, MD has joined […]

Robinson Gray moves into WestLawn, its new home in the BullStreet District

The future has arrived, which means a new beginning for Robinson Gray Stepp & Laffitte— and for Columbia. Robinson Gray recently moved to WestLawn, the BullStreet District’s newest office building and the first mass timber commercial building in Columbia. Featuring 79,000 sq. ft., WestLawn is the largest of its kind in South Carolina. Created in partnership with Hughes Development Corporation, […]


Crawford Prezioso of Colliers South Carolina represented the seller, D& P Beach Properties, LLC, and the buyer, Midlands Housing Alliance, in the sale of Dutch Plaza, a ± 76,000-square-foot building in the St. Andrews submarket.

Busy time for Olympia Mill Village Museum

August was a busy month for the Olympia Mill Village Museum and Community Space. The dream of creating a local history museum came to fruition in 2018 when the museum first opened its doors. Since that time the vision has expanded to all sorts of activities organizers never dreamed would happen. The biggest artifact is the mill house museum which […]