Bringing Home Baby (to Baby)

Preparing your dog to be comfortable with the arrival of your new baby may just be the most important training you will ever do. You love your dog dearly, and of course, you want your baby to be safe. Too often we hear news stories about tragic incidents in which babies (or toddlers) are bitten, sometimes severely, by the family […]

Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical to close Town Theatre’s 102nd season

The epic battle between good and evil will take to the stage in the closing show of Town Theatre’s 102nd season, Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical. Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale, audiences will be enchanted by Frank Wildhorn’s and Leslie Bricusse’s score and mesmerized by the man that is both Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde. In […]

Spring Valley Rotary Club awards scholarships

Spring Valley Rotary Club awarded two Spring Valley High School graduating seniors with the club’s annual scholarships at its May 5 lunch meeting. The scholarships are funded by a portion of the proceeds of the club’s annual pecan sale. Award recipients are Jillian McNally and Kayla Tuazon. Both students received a $2,500 scholarship. McNally’s high school years have been filled […]

Workshop Theatre presents The Wedding Singer

Break out the Aussie hair spray, tease those bangs, and pop your collars because Workshop Theatre is taking you back to the ’80s. Wannabe rock star and professional wedding singer Robbie Hart and his broken heart take center stage in the hilarious musical comedy The Wedding Singer at Workshop Theatre through May 15. Based on the hit Adam Sandler movie, […]

Lithuania, a new democracy, a new friend— Grutas Park, a Soviet Satire

Originally published May 6, 2005

“Nearby is the world’s largest collection of Soviet statuary,” Andrius told us. “Would you like to go see it?” Without hesitation, Jim Fisher and I said, “Yes!” As we road through the beautiful Lithuanian countryside in Andrius’s propane-powered Toyota, he explained how the world’s only USSR theme park came about. With the dissolution of the USSR in 1989 and the […]

Back to Fashion Future

I’m just saying...

I don’t know what’s going on with fashion these days, but apparently somebody’s dipping into various mind altering drugs! Have you SEEN the clothes for women recently? Whether you’re in Target or Macy’s, it looks like the Stage Coach just dropped off a bunch of stuff sewn up by Betsy Ross and her girlfriends at the last quilting bee. All […]

Midlands in Crisis

Letters to the Editor

If you haven’t noticed (and I’m sure you have), we are in the middle of a public safety crisis in Columbia metro area. Two guns were found last week at the same high school on consecutive days. A shootout erupted at the Midlands largest mall over Easter weekend with families and children everywhere. A Cayce police officer was killed in […]

Supreme Court

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that we have to have nine Supreme Court Justices. Nor would it require a Constitutional amendment to add more seats. In fact, Congress has expanded the Supreme Court five times throughout American history. Congress should use its constitutional authority to rebalance the Supreme Court, which has been taken over by a supermajority that […]

Supreme Court Reform

When Donald Trump was in office, he and Mitch McConnell made three lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court. McConnell went so far as to defy Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish— that the next president appoint her replacement— by packing the Court with Amy Coney Barrett just eight days before the 2020 election. The result? Today’s Supreme Court has been taken […]


Ron Anderson, Thomas Beard, Kim Butler, Mark Burgess, Liz McCary, Dale Stigamier, and Allen Wilkerson have been named shareholders of Colliers International South Carolina, Inc. Karriem Edwards has been named president at The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families (the center). Bill Lamar has joined NAI Columbia’s brokerage team. Elnora Hubbard has opened a new State Farm Insurance office […]