PETSinc offers the Cat Cottage

In response to requests from their supporters and customers, PETSinc is expanding its services to cat owners and those who are interested in cat adoption. This fall, PETSinc will celebrate the groundbreaking of a new program designed only for cats and kittens, the Cat Cottage, which will include 30 cat condos for safe, clean, and cat-friendly options for cat owners […]

Miss Black S.C. heads to Miss Black USA pageant

Columbia resident Maya Rose Phillips was awarded the title of Miss Black South Carolina USA and has hopes of becoming Miss Black USA in February 2021 during the national pageant. The Miss Black USA pageant system is one of the premier state pageants for African-American women in the United States. If Phillips wins, she will receive a scholarship to help […]

Virtual town hall to discuss broadband expansion, utilities in Lower Richland

Richland County Councilwoman Dalhi Myers will host a virtual town hall Saturday, October 3 to discuss the rollout of high-speed internet access in rural Lower Richland. As part of Richland County’s efforts to improve water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure access in rural areas, the county has announced that TruVista Telecom is installing fiber optic cable in Lower Richland. The company’s […]

Celebrating 104 years

Mary Swygert Smith recently celebrated her 104th birthday with family and friends. Happy Birthday!

Masks, a review—Part 11 of the Corona Chronicles

Before corona, I loved writing reviews about movies, restaurants, and concerts. I never thought I would write a review about masks. In 2020, it seems relevant, so here goes… Masks are like shoes and bras. We don’t like them, but we’ve gotten used to wearing them. We accept them as something we must endure. We want our masks to be […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County Two Notch Road: Police were called to a beauty shop at 3 p. m. Monday after the owner said a customer was “causing a scene.” When officers arrived at the location, the accused customer told them the salon had “messed up” her eyebrows and she wanted a refund. She said when she asked for her money back, the […]

Unique ways to celebrate Halloween, even if it’s not in-person

Halloween celebrations will be different in 2020. A global pandemic has made activities like trick-or-treating risky, and many parents figure to keep kids home this Halloween. It may be hard to envision a Halloween without kids getting together as they go from house to house in search of candy. But celebrants should know that there’s still fun to be had […]

Vitamin D deficiency can cause a range of health problems


Since learning Vitamin D can help fight COVID- 19, what are signs of Vitamin D deficiency? In the September 25 issue, we talked about how vitamin D possibly can help ward off COVID- 19 virus and lessen its severity if you do get it, according to a Healthline newsletter article by Franziska Spritzler. The report prompted more questions about the […]

Old Dogs—Reborn

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

I was heading out and noticed two ladies staring at the road’s edge in front of a neighbor’s house. These two have been regularly walking the area since the quarantine began and told others about seeing various wildlife nearby. A fox had slipped into the drainage culvert under our driveway; a coyote has also been spotted, and a dead armadillo. […]

Stripped Up

I’m just saying...

When my husband Marty and I first got married, Gamecock football was (and still is) a huge part of our lives. We had great indoor seats (thankfully) and we always invited friends to the games with us. There were two friends in particular that always came to town to go to at least one game every season. They were a […]