Birdhouse finds new place to nest

Despite all of the challenges COVID-19 and other circumstances have thrown into the mix, the Birdhouse has found a new place to land. Formerly located in a uniquely shaped 4,500 square-foot building in front of Revente’s Second Chances at 3109 Millwood Avenue, the Birdhouse, a high-end consignment furniture, lighting, and accessory store, has relocated to a 9,000 square-foot building right […]

Local Scout honors vets with mural

Lexington Girl Scout Raina Michelle Bryant set a personal artistic goal of designing and painting the Lexington VFW Post in a larger-than-life mural. Her design and art work portray American soldiers throughout their nation’s history, from its founding to the 21st century. As a member of Girl Scout Troop 2316, Bryant spent well over 100 hours at the post designing, […]

Bad Hair Days and Lessons from a Blow Out

Some call August the dog days. Women call it something else—bad hair days. S.C. humidity and hair styles don’t get along. Women hate their hair in the summer. Straight hair goes flat and stick straight, curly hair puffs up like a cotton ball, and frizz is nobody’s friend. When it comes to our hair, the struggle is real. Hair care […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres Forest Drive: A gas station clerk called police at midnight Sunday to report a beer theft. The clerk told the responding officers a man had come into the store and said he wanted two cases of beer. He went to the back and brought out the beer to the customer and the customer gave the clerk his credit […]

Celebrating ABLE to Save Month with our Partners

Because our citizens living with disabilities deserve the same chance to achieve financial independence and stability as all South Carolinians do, I’m proud to serve as administrator of the Palmetto ABLE Savings Program. Palmetto ABLE provides eligible South Carolinians living with disabilities and their loved ones the opportunity to save, invest and build the financial future they desire, all without […]

Go back to nature for herbs to treat skin ailments


What are some herbal remedies for skin ailments Readers have asked about herbal remedies since the July 31 article on dry skin caused by fighting COVID-19. Since the Mayo Clinic provided skin care and hygiene tips, we’ve also explored traditional herb remedies in skin care. For more information, we turned to an article by Laurel Vuovic in a 2006 issue […]

Two Wheeled Epiphany

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

I got dosed with self-evaluation while bike riding recently. Lucky for me, my sharply honed balance, high degree of athletic capability, and well practiced survival instinct allowed me to stay upright and continue down Kennerly Road. It happened on a beautiful sunny Sunday, soon to become unbearably hot. As it turned out, I cut 30 minutes off my trip because […]

Dr. Hook vs. Dr. Doolittle

I’m just saying...

This has been an interesting week at our house. On Friday, I was calmly sitting on our back porch having my coffee when the weirdest thing happened…my world started spinning. I mean literally spinning. All of a sudden I got very dizzy and had no idea what was happening to me. It passed and I just put it down to […]

Be careful what you ask for


Call me crazy but I was just wondering if South Carolina’s K-12 schools were to resort to online classes only, then why do we need over 1,200 of them? Couldn’t we just have one central location that produces all the educational material and instruction? The beauty of the Internet is that it provides a way for an endless number of […]

Girl Scouts of South Carolina–Mountains to Midlands honors Gold Award to local scout

Girl Scouts of South Carolina-Mountains to Midlands recently honored rising Irmo High School senior Jessica Kochert for becoming a Gold Award Girl Scout, a designation she earned by partnering with Carolina Wildlife Center to make baby bird aviaries. Throughout the year Carolina Wildlife houses and treats over 15,000 birds. The center needed new and improved enclosures for their animals to […]