Daughters of the Holy Cross Society celebrates 125 years

The year 2019 marks the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Trinity Cathedral Daughters of the Holy Cross organization. Dr. William E. Evans, the new rector of Trinity at the time, called a meeting of young, unmarried women of the parish on January 11, 1894 to form a chapter of the Daughters of the King, a national organization. This […]

Father and daughter complete Disney run

Jimmy Saul s and hi s daughter, Emma Sauls, recently participated in the Disney half marathon. Jimmy completed the Walt Disney World Half Marathon at 9:06:58 am with a time of 03:19:30 and 15:14 min/mile avg pace. Emma completed the Walt Disney World Half Marathon ( her first) at 9: 06: 59 am with a time of 03: 19: 33 […]

Mr. Rose goes to the State House

It has been more than a month since Seth Rose was sworn in as a representative for S.C. House District 72. For Rose, his journey to the State House has been an interesting one. He never intended to get involved with politics. He even had to check out a book at the Richland County Public Library on how to run […]

From Hamilton to Hampton Street: Historic Happy Hour tackles musical trivia

True or false: On January 25, the award-winning smash musical Hamilton is coming to Columbia. We wish it were true. But on January 25, Historic Columbia brings you the next best thing—Historic Happy Hour. And this month, we’re tackling the Tony award-winning giant, Hamilton: An American Musical. What does Alexander Hamilton have to do with Columbia? Almost nothing, but we’ve […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia Augusta Road: Police were called to a gas station at 9 p. m. Thursday after the female clerk said a man was continuously marching around the premises. She told the officers she didn’t know the man and didn’t recognize him as a customer, but he had been walking around the building repeatedly for almost an hour. When the […]

Nuf Sed

Phone scam artists want your social security number


I got a telephone call with a caller I.D. stating it was the Social Security Administration, but it sounded like a spam call. Just when we think we might be wise to their methods, scammers come up with a new twist to show they are constantly at work to become even more devious in their spam calls. Retirees whose social […]

Nightmares or Visions?

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

In my 50s, I began having nightmares, some violent, involving various bedroom intruders. My father fought Japanese soldiers in his sleep until he died, and I always thought this was a traumatic result of being in the Pacific Theater during World War II. While the cost my father, and countless other soldiers, paid was substantial, it now appears some of […]

Vying for Vegas Vows

I’m just saying...

I love this time of the year! The holidays are finished, a New Year beckons and it’s MY time! By “my” time I mean it’s the time of year my husband Marty has to do things for ME! It’s NOT his favorite time of year. At all. Once the tree is back in storage and the house is in order, […]

Ice Road Pucker


A few weeks ago, I thought the scariest driving experience I could ever have was navigating the Interstates of Dallas, Texas. Well, it turns out, I was wrong… very wrong. Just when my knuckles got their pink hue back and my hands unclenched from the steering-wheel-induced death grip deformation caused by those Texas roads, I was forced to drive through […]