Yes, Virginia, there is a “Veteran” Santa Claus

Santa has helpers all around the world, but there is one “ Veteran Santa” in the mix at the Columbia VA Health Care System who is extra special amongst all his “helpers.” Marine Veteran Donald Miner has been playing the part of Santa at the Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center for the past five years through the Voluntary […]

What does homelessness look like?

Does anyone really know the face of homelessness? Some of the most prominent people in history, including one of the United States founding fathers, Ben Franklin, were once homeless. However, he overcame his circumstances and became one of the most important figures in America’s history. Overcoming the circumstances that lead one to homelessness is the focus of Transitions Homeless Center, […]

Colburn prepares for one last game at Wake Forest

When it comes to football, very few things have come easy for former Dutch Fork star Matt Colburn, but the journey has helped make Colburn an outstanding player. As is the case with many athletes, Colburn’s passion for football began throwing the football with his dad and brother. The three would often play catch at Harbison Park. That drove him […]

Christmas trees adorn VA

A Historic Holiday Snapshot

On December 22, 1955, readers of The Columbia Record newspaper met a full-page chronicle of Columbia’s Gross family preparing to ring in the holidays. With husband Albert M. Gross ill and states away in Florida, wife Miriam wrangled her six children, ages 18 months through ten years, as the annual visit from jolly ole’ St. Nick loomed. Photographer Richard Taylor […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres Forest Drive: A woman called police about 6 p.m. Friday about her credit card being used without her permission. The woman told the officers when she got her statement, it showed a $500 purchase she didn’t make. She said she still had the card in her wallet and had no idea how the thief or thieves gained access […]

Use these tips from CVETS to avoid holiday hazards for your pets


Are poinsettia, mistletoe and holly harmful to pets? What are other holidays hazards? CVETS, a Northeast Columbia emergency veterinary service, is always available around the clock, but they hope family pets can avoid a holiday mishap with a few precautions. Avoid these holiday hazards to keep your pets safe this season, a CVETS news article states as follows: Treats “Naturally, […]

Revisiting One Million Years BC

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

A few weeks back, I rewatched One Million Years BC, a movie from my misspent youth starring a very young Raquel Welch and an animal skin bikini. The program opens with a group of primitive, Eastern Kentucky Sapiens hunting animals. A rude, arrogant, and jealous male named Akhoba ruled the tribe with an iron hand, making decisions based entirely on […]


I’m just saying...

It’s never easy to lose the people we love but when we lose them so close to the holidays, I think it’s a little harder. You will always remember your relative or friend died around that certain holiday and there will always be a faint note of sadness in any future celebrations. My husband Marty and I just lost a […]

Tis the season for bungee cords and chainsaws


My history with Christmas trees has not always been the greatest. It started in the ’70s when my parents made the mistake of letting a very young me assist with a large part of the decorating. My dad had good intentions when he taught me to place single strands of tinsel delicately on each branch. Unfortunately, his good intentions lasted […]