City of Columbia welcomes pollinator population

First Baptist of Lykesland dedicates Stella’s Rose Garden

Cayce Lizard’s Thicket reopens

Aussie chef charms Columbia fans

News flash from Columbia: Not every celebrity chef is a diva. Prime example: TV host, cookbook author and entrepreneur Curtis Stone. The “ Top Chef ” judge, who hails from Australia, did several cooking demonstrations in the Columbia area last week at Lowes Food stores, including the newest location on Forest Drive, to promote his cookbook Good Food, Good Life, […]

Learn how to propagate plants from your own garden

Join Historic Columbia for a late summer Garden Workshop Saturday, September 8 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Seibels House & Garden. Attendees will learn how about the propagation process, including referencing materials, gathering cuttings, rooting hormones, timing, media selection, and more. “ While generally regarded as a mysterious process enjoyed only by skilled professionals, propagation of woody […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres Forest Drive: Police were called to a grocery store at midnight Thursday after employees saw a man on the premises who had been trespassed from the grounds. The employee said the man appeared to be “drunk” as well. When officers arrived, they approached the man to ask him what he was doing at a place he was clearly […]

Surplus is great news, but we can’t afford a spending spree

First, the good news: South Carolina closed out the 2018 fiscal year, which ended June 30, with a $177 million revenue surplus. That’s encouraging, not just because of what it means for the state’s finances, but because of what it says about the strength of the state’s economy—which is experiencing broad growth with increases in employment, personal income and take-home […]

Establish guidelines for the teens in your family if they use social media


Do you have any tips for parents and students about social media now that school has begun? Just recently, First Lady Melania Trump brought needed attention to the some of the pitfalls of social media in her continued campaign promoting online safety and rallying against social bullying. While social media is an inevitable part of life today with many benefits, […]

Pure Bloodlines and Such

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

A recent Buick commercial managed to gain attention by making fun of people who own mixed breed dogs and claim they are some exotic new pedigree. During the ad, after discussing the Buick being sold, the car owner refers to a dog as a poodle. The dog owner replies; He’s actually a Golden English Labra-Irish Bernedoodle Retriever, with the temperament […]

Shocking Slapstick in the Shower

I’m just saying...

My life is turning into a slapstick comedy show. You remember those old shows, right? The hero or heroine gets themselves into some sort of crazy situation and then hilarity ensues? That’s my life, but the situations aren’t always hilarious. Not to me anyway! If you’ve been reading this column, you know we’re undergoing some renovations at our house. That […]