Local nurse produces mental health documentaries in Afghanistan… and attends a wedding

This was my fifth visit to a nation that has suffered the ravages of war for almost 40 years. Afghanistan, which borders Iran to the west, is composed of many different tribes of people, and that part of the nation is influenced by the arts and culture of Iran, formerly known as Persia. Serving for the second year in a […]

Historian comes home to share published work

Dr. Alice Malavasic was raised in the low country of South Carolina. She earned her bachelor of arts from Columbia College with a concentration in American history and Holocaust studies. She went on to earn her master of arts in education and then her doctor of philosophy in history from the University of Albany, State University of New York. She […]

City replaces manhole covers

Why you should join Historic Columbia

My family moved to Columbia when my father got offered a job as a professor at the University of South Carolina. I was born within the year, the youngest of four children. We traveled a great deal during my childhood and adolescence. My undergraduate degree was from the University of Colorado and I went to the University of Oregon for […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia Charleston Highway: A store clerk called police at 1 p.m. Thursday after he said a “drunk” had come into the store and stolen a bag of chips and two cans of beer. The clerk said the man was obviously intoxicated and entered the store, greeted the cashier, and promptly went to the fridge and grabbed the cans of […]

In praise of Hanah Watts

I praise Hanah Watts for her article on “Tech Addiction.” Well-stated insight for such a young lady, hopefully it will be read by new parents. Janice DiMaria

Thank you veterans

Dear Veterans, I want to thank you for your service. After graduating from USC, I joined the U.S. Army (1968). Basic and AIT (Advanced Infantry Training) took place at Ft. Dix, N.J. I was then assigned to The Old Guard at Ft. Myer, Va. One of the major duties was conducting military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery. I have written […]

City Code Concerns


I live in a neighborhood with some rental units, mostly duplexes. With limited off-street parking, a number of tenants park in their front yards. Is that legal in the City of Columbia? People are not permitted to park in front yards, as listed in the City of Columbia Code of Ordinances. In fact, it is listed as being number six […]

Remorseful Corporations

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

Been seeing the same commercial over and over recently: A Wells Fargo ad featuring old pictures of stagecoaches and supposedly relevant pictures of new construction, perhaps a new beginning, a voice-over by a Sam Elliott wannabee, explaining their remorse over stealing billions from regular consumers. Scapegoats were selected. Deals were made. Not sure how many lost money but there are […]

Mr. Lonely Sweat Pants Guy


I was doing what I always do. Yes, it’s lame, but Saturday night ice cream has become a tradition around my house. It came about when I was struggling to lose about 40 pounds. At some point during the process, I realized I could not starve myself seven-days-a-week. I needed one day to “reward” myself. I needed one day to […]