The city’s right-hand woman will continue as a queen

Libby Gober has worn many hats during her 19-year-tenure with the City of Columbia, but less than seven days from now she will be embracing a completely different role —retiree. Gober is leaving her job as executive assistant to Columbia’s City Council to do, in her own words, “absolutely nothing.” “It has been my pleasure to serve in this capacity; […]

S.C. scores below average in MADD report on drunk driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has released the 2018 Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving Report to the Nation, which rates every state’s drunk driving laws and highlights drunk driving countermeasures related to MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. The report explains MADD’s vision to literally eliminate drunk driving in America. The state rating of drunk driving reform efforts placed South […]

A Celebration of Life held for lifelong Gamecock

Russell Harold Meekins, 63, of Columbia, South Carolina, died December 23, 2017. A public Celebration of Life Memorial Service was held at 10 a.m. Tuesday, January 23, 2018, at the USC Alumni Center with a reception following. These words were written in the program for the celebration. Russell Harold “Russ” Meekins, a lifelong Gamecock was a chief financial officer of […]

Preservation after Tax Reform

As the dust settles on the tax reform of 2017, preservationists are taking stock of what was won and what was lost. Following five years of advocacy by a coalition that includes the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the National Trust Community Investment Corporation, and the Historic Tax Credit Coalition — as well as countless state and local organizations and […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres Trenholm Road: A woman went into police headquarters at 5 p.m. Wednesday to report her wedding rings had been stolen. The woman told officers someone had entered her home from an unlocked side door and had grabbed her $4,000 wedding ring set, a band comprised of three diamonds and her engagement ring, from her kitchen table. She said […]

Racial remarks have no place on campus

The University of South Carolina—Columbia is a learning institution open to all people. People there share classrooms with different races. People there share lunch tables with different cultures. People there share dormitories and etc. with different nationalities. Racial remarks were made on the African- American Studies Bulletin Board on the 2nd floor Gambrelle Hall recently. These remarks are fit for […]


Are medical devices like hip replacements subjected to the same scrutiny by the Federal Drug Administration as new drugs?

Contrary to what one may think, many medical devices are not subjected to the same scrutiny as a prescribed medicine, says Jeanne Lenzer, author of The Danger within Us: America’s Untested, Unregulated Medical Device Industry and One Man’s Battle to Survive It. According to Lenzer, some 32 million Americans have at least one medical device implanted, ranging from artificial joints […]

Hidden shirttails are my passion

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

I’ve spent most of my adult life tucking my shirt into my pants. Doesn’t make me better than anyone or signify some sort of special upbringing or superior lifestyle. It’s just something I learned early and am too stubborn to change at this point. Many of my friends, and quite likely the entire population of men under the age of […]

Packing with panache

I’m just saying...

Sometimes I wonder if, at the beginning of time when God created the two sexes, He may have given males an extra little gene for travel He left out when He made the females. Or maybe it’s all about that extra “X” chromosome in the female species… maybe that “X” stands for “extra.” I think mine does. I’ve written about […]

No comments in the afterlife


My mom has two reasons for wanting to be cremated when she dies. The first is that she doesn’t really like tight spaces or the dark. The second and more compelling reason is she doesn’t want to be lying in a casket and give anyone the opportunity to comment on her hair. She says she gets enough of that in […]