Teacher receives a “Pot of Gold” on St. Patrick’s Day

The “luck of the Irish” was with one Cardinal Newman faculty member this past St. Patrick’s Day when he was surprised with a “pot of gold”—or a new suit—by some very special “leprechauns.” Last Friday, Tony Haughey was picked up from school, given green-colored accoutrements, and whisked away to Brittons on Devine. When he arrived at 2:30 p.m., he was […]

Support continues to grow for BC’s soccer coach

Nothing brings a group of people together like controversy. For the last six weeks, the Brookland Cayce soccer community has come together over head coach Kevin Heise’s administrative leave. “The support has been huge,” Brookland-Cayce interim head soccer coach Robby Setzler said. “Kevin’s support is gaining momentum; it’s taken off. I knew it was a matter of time before the […]

Historically Tropical

Large foliaged, tropical plants are often associated with modern garden design. Garden fashion, like all fashion, operates in repeating cycles. Many of the same plants we think of as modern were being planted as early as the 19th century in Columbia. By the 1850s, numerous accounts noted Columbia was regarded as a prime garden location of the south, and it […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres Forest Drive: Police were called to a senior living home at noon Saturday after the son of a resident said he discovered someone had taken three of his mother’s credit cards and was using them around town and for numerous online purchases. The son told officers the last time his mother had used her cards was on March […]

ALL About Golf

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Why do we continue with the practice of daylight savings time?

There are some supporters of daylight savings time, among them retailers and sportsmen who like the extended daylight hours, but research shows it doesn’t save energy. Many people wish Congress would just choose one time system and stick with it. The March 12 spring time change began for all of us with the loss of an hour of sleep. If […]

Thirty Dollar Mistakes

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

In a galaxy that seems far, far away, a group of people once gathered together to watch stock car racing in Darlington. A contingent would drive down from Cleveland, Ohio, which is somewhere above the Arctic Circle. Among the hardy travelers were Big Al, Cousin Gary, and Steve. Steve was the most avid baseball fan I ever knew. He was […]

Just say No to Naked Veggies

I’m just saying...

I have really got to up my game in the cooking department. While no one would confuse me with Julia Childs or Betty Crocker, in my California days, I did manage to put a hot meal on the table once in a while. But west coast cooking entails a lot of broiling and steaming and let’s face it…that’s far easier […]

To Bee or Not To Bee


I have a difficult decision to make each and every springtime: be miserable or make my family miserable. It’s not much of a choice. The best option would be for nature to figure out a better way to procreate. Do flowers, plants, weeds, grass, and trees really have to saturate the atmosphere with that infernal yellow dust while they’re having […]

Dead animals below the fold

Upon reading the February 24, 2017, issue of The Columbia Star, I was struck by the captioned photographs above the fold. One featured several young adults with two small children and the other pictured “a lioness with two cubs, Askari Wildlife Conservation Programme, Pidwa Reserve.” I was looking forward to reading an article about the conservation efforts to preserve the […]