To Raise or Raze

Cathy Cobbs continues series Of Floods and Families

Editor’s Note: This is the 15th installment in a series of articles by staffwriter Cathy Cobbs chronicling her unique journey of the illness and death of her father and the loss of the family’s home in the Great Flood of 2015. This week, she continues the tale of how her neighbors mapped out their plan for recovery in the wake […]

JDRF Walk for Cure kick-started with Frye

Nonprofits, register now for Midlands Gives

Central Carolina Community Foundation is partnering with the Columbia Fireflies to house the new headquarters for Midlands Gives, the 24-hour online giving challenge Tuesday, May 3, 2016, in the brand new Spirit Communications Park in Columbia. Nonprofits who wish to participate in Midlands Gives can register through February 29, 2016, at Midlands Gives, presented by Central Carolina Community Foundation—the […]

South Carolina Medal of Honor Recipients: Part IV

In part IV of our series re: South Carolina Medal of Honor recipients, we would like to again remind readers that the Palmetto State—per capita—is home to more Medal of Honor recipients than any other State. As one might expect, almost all these recipients were involved in major conflicts such as WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. But not everyone. The […]

Lunch and Learn

Most museums have artifacts in their collection that are rarely displayed due to fragility, lack of exhibit space, or are so unique that there are few opportunities to pair them in context with other historic objects. Curators and educators in museums across the country wrestle with how to provide opportunities for the public to see artifacts that are rarely taken […]


I keep hearing that we need to make America great again. Are we falling behind the rest of the world?

The good news is that by most measures America is doing fine. We are not falling behind at all. According to data from the World Bank, the United States has the most productive economy in the world measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per worker. As little as 40 years ago, no amount of money could buy the things we […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia 12th Street: A man was arrested for drugs at 2 p.m. Tuesday after an officer on patrol noticed his brake lights were inoperative. The man gave a hand signal to turn and the officer initiated a traffic stop. The man told the officer he didn’t “have my license with me” but when he gave the officer his name […]


It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

During a golf trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, a long time ago, a group of us had finished a round at a now extinct golf course, one of our favorites, and were having a late lunch at a local watering hole that most likely is also no longer in existence. My brother, who is afflicted with a need to always […]

Erroneous Electronic Errors

I’m just saying...

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time for a new phone. Since my old phone was probably the same model that came across the prairies in covered wagons, I was way overdue for an upgrade, but I HATE getting new phones! It’s always a hassle, and you always seem to lose that all important number or irreplaceable photo. […]

From High School to Helicopter Parent


My wife and I were having lunch the other day at a restaurant in Charlotte. Two gentlemen sat at a table next to us, and we couldn’t help but overhear some of their conversation. One guy congratulated the other guy on a decade of marriage. The other guy then said, “Yeah, 10 years and two kids later, and I still […]