Bee Dazzlers ready to defend their title

Can you spell F-U-N? Here’s the Buzz about Columbia’s hottest new party! Kick off the new year and get ready for F-U-N at Columbia Spells—The Midland’s hottest new event featuring a competitive spelling bee for adults 21 and older. In the second annual adults-only fundraiser for Columbia Children’s Theatre, teams of three will compete for the championship title, trophies, and […]

Artists share talents with victims of October flood

Artist’s angels bring hope to family of seven

After witnessing the devastation from the flood, my son, Philip, was worried about the families with small children, especially those who had no one to turn to for help. He felt bad living in his comfortable home knowing there may be children with no home to return to, so he decided to try to help them by raising money through […]

Proceeds from artist’s magnets donated to flood victims

I am Ansley Grier, a Columbia native, resident of Forest Acres, local artist, and a proud South Carolinian. The day of our 1,000 year flood, October 4, 2015, was a day most South Carolinians will never forget. During and after this life changing event, neighbors, friends, community members, and good Samaritans from near and far came together to give support […]

Educate candidates on medical costs

I’ve heard a lot of chatter lately regarding RX drug prices, and quite honestly, I’m genuinely concerned. Here we are an early primary state, hearing about the issues in the 2016 presidential campaign much more often and thoroughly than other voters in the rest of the country. I want our next president to understand what makes up those pharmaceutical costs, […]

Columbia Canal: History Unearthed

When the historic rains came to South Carolina last fall, one of the many casualties of the floodwaters included the historic Columbia Canal that runs alongside the east bank of the Congaree River in downtown Columbia. On October 4, the levee separating the canal from the Congaree was breached, opening up a 60- foot tear in the earthen dike; three […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia Augusta Road: A man was arrested Saturday night at 10:30 after police found him hiding behind some trash cans of a business. When the officers first spotted the man, he then ducked behind the dumpsters and tried to avoid contact with them. Once they got him to come forward, one of the officers recognized the man as a […]

Of floods and families

Editor’s Note: This is the 11th installment in a series of articles by staff writer Cathy Cobbs chronicling her unique journey of the illness and death of her father and the loss of the family’s home in the Great Flood of 2015. This week, she discusses the sometimes overwhelming mental challenges of dealing with both. Suicidal at breakfast, formidable at […]


Part 4: How does the Comet bus system work?

On a bright sunny day, my friend Sally and I went for another bus ride. Our destination was Lucious Road, the main terminal for the buses. We were going to get our senior citizen cards, so we could take advantage of the half-fare option. The bus arrived right on time, and although we got on at different stops, Sally and […]


It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

Snowfire was white like the falling snow. Fire was his fear and man was his foe. I still remembered the words from this movie’s theme song, a movie 57 years old. “Snowfire” aired on TCM last Saturday morning. I texted my brother to make sure he knew. Rick and I visited the movie theatre in Centreville, Alabama, every Saturday afternoon. […]

Part I: Running with Donald Duck


Way back in March of 2015, my oldest daughter suggested a trip to Orlando to run the Disney Donald Duck Half-Marathon as her gift for graduating from high school this spring. Her “graduation gift” quickly morphed into a present that not only covered her exit from high school but also included all three of my children’s birthdays as well as […]