“Stuck at Prom”

By Austin Konkle My name is Austin Konkle, and I recently graduated from Dreher High School. In May, my friend Andrea, who also graduated from Dreher, and I entered the 2015 Duck Brand “Stuck at Prom” National Scholarship Competition after constructing our prom attire entirely out of duct tape. A few days ago, we were selected as one of the […]

DiPrato’s launches Pimento Cheese in Bi-Lo stores

Columbia Council of Neighborhoods installs new president

On Thursday, June 25, Emma McGraw Myers will be officially installed as the president of the Columbia Council of Neighborhoods in a ceremony at Columbia City Hall. When she enters office, Myers will already have four months experience under her belt. On February 2, her role with CCN changed following the resignation of former president Dean Slade, four months before […]

Poachers rip the horns off Bonnie and Clyde

Editor’s note: Jessica Mejia, writer for The Columbia Star, has recently returned from South Africa where she interned for a newspaper. The Columbia Star will be publishing a series of stories by her about her experiences. After escaping near death at the hands of poachers two years ago and losing both their horns, Bonnie and Clyde, two white rhinoceros, have […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres Forest Drive: A jewelry store employee called police at 4 p.m. Thursday after he said he suspected a woman of trying to pilfer a bracelet. The employee told officers a 78-year-old woman dropped off a pair of earrings last month for repair. He said he gave the woman a receipt for the earrings and then repaired them. But […]

Remembering Irwin Park

At first glance, it may seem the slated park expansions and improvements in Columbia’s city center are a new and novel idea, when in reality the face of our park system has been evolving over the years. The recently announced expansion of the Vista Greenway and the upcoming improvements to Finlay Park are only the newest chapter in the dynamic […]

Support efforts to eradicate polio

Last week, the World Health Organization announced a significant decline in polio cases this year. There have been 24 cases since the start of the year, a decline of more than 70 percent from the same period last year. The finish line is in sight, and we have a unique opportunity to wipe out this debilitating disease forever. Globally, polio […]


Ann Furr has been and is currently courageously battling cancer. We pray for her and her family and hope for her speedy recovery and the return of her column.

Political Cartoon

Working that Daddy-Magic

I’m just saying...

I was three or four before I remember seeing the ocean. I guess my parents didn’t relish the idea of taking a baby or a toddler to the beach, so they waited until I was “potty trained” and eating “real” food. I remember that first trip to Myrtle Beach, though, and I remember being terrified of that huge pulsing ocean […]