The Pig has new owners

Columbia’s “Social Pig” on Devine Street is now open under new owners, Darrell and Jennifer Miller, a husbandwife team with a decadeslong history working for the iconic Piggly Wiggly grocery brand. The Millers, both nearing retirement age, decided that owning their own store was too good an opportunity to pass up, said Darrell Miller, who joined the company in 1972 […]

Bubbie’s Brisket and Bakery

Sunday, November 16

As the air begins to have a bit of a chill and thoughts turn to the holidays, people’s recollections often turn to memories of days gone by and the warmth and comfort those recol lect ions bring. Along those lines, the Beth Shalom Synagogue is busy planning i ts annual Bubbie’s Brisket and Bakery event for Sunday, November 16. “Bubbie […]

Dr. Patrick Hawkins’s CD released internationally

Dr. Patrick Hawkins is the director of choral music and piano studies at Spring Valley High School. His new CD “Haydn and the English Lady” has been released internationally. The recording is the first known CD of a square piano built by William Geib in the year 1831. It also features two premieres by the classical composer, Maria Hester Park, […]

Give yourself a stress-free holiday present from gourmet Chef Crawford Pressley

With a to-do list as long as a tree garland, holiday dinner hosts may dream of the services of a world-class personal chef to take over the task of preparing the main course. That wish is granted through the services of Columbia gourmet chef Crawford Pressley of Loosh Culinaire Fine Catering. With the social season approaching, the holidays are the […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County tPercival Road: A man was arrested at 6 a.m, Sunday after an officer spotted him doing almost 20 mph over the posted speed limit. The man’s car was swerving and crossing the center line and once almost ran off the road. The tail light on one of the back fenders was also broken. That along with the man’s […]

The Thoroughbreds of the Hampton-Preston Mansion

On November 15, crowds will gather at the Springdale Race Course in Camden for the 45th annual running of the Marion du Pont Scott Colonial Cup, just one example of South Carolina’s vaunted legacy of equestrian pursuits. It is a legacy well represented in the collections of Historic Columbia, largely due to the intimate connection between the Hampton family and […]

Veteran’s Disability

Throughout our history, women have served alongside men in our nation’s conflicts. These veterans deserve the same recognition, benefits, and treatment their male counterparts receive. Historically, this has not been the case. The disparity of service and treatment between male and female veterans has recently been brought to light. Last month, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) released a report on […]

McBride must go

I was a Poll Manager at Ward 17 in Richland County on Tuesday, November 4. I was totally outraged when Lillian McBride entered the polling place accompanied by the acting elections director. They were allegedly there to observe and address issues if there were any. McBride’s presence in the polling place was a despicable insult to all voters after she […]


What is a genetically modified product?

GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology, which merges the DNA of different species. People who are informed about GMOs often have very strong opinions about whether or not GMOs are a good idea. Although some experiments have been done on salmon and pigs, there are no currently marketed GMO […]

Political Cartoon