Hands help feed hungry children

Church community packages 70,000 meals for local children who go to bed hungry

Impacted when made aware of the hunger epidemic throughout the Midlands, Spring Valley Baptist Church mobilized its members and community volunteers to handpackage 70,000 healthy non-perishable lentil casseroles. These were given to Richland District Two Schools for their Friday Backpack program, Kershaw County Schools and their Sacks of Love program, and two local charities: Inside Out SC and Transport for […]

Columbia City officials show their friendship and support for Councilwoman Leona Plaugh

“This is an opportunity for us to deal with not being elected officials, not being a mayor, not being council members, not being staff, but just being friends and caring about each other.” — Mayor Steve Benjamin Mayor Steve Benjamin and the Columbia City Council welcomed Councilwoman Leona Plaugh back by wearing Team Plaugh t-shirts at the Columbia City Council […]

One Columbia issues passport

Based on the principle that passports provide access to new experiences, One Columbia for Arts and History announces the launch of cultural passports for Columbians to utilize when attending events and venues in the City of Columbia. Tony Tallent, the board president of One Columbia for Arts and History states, “One Columbia’s Cultural Passport is certain to draw attention to […]

Dance company celebrates rebirth

Miriam Barbosa Dance (MBD), formerly known as South Carolina Contemporary Dance Company ( SCCDC), announces the MBD Renaissance Party in celebration of the company’s rebirth under the new name. The public is invited to an evening of Barbosa’s Performance Excerpt and a great party with live Latin Music and dancing featuring work for sale by guest Visual Artist Alex Smith […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres tForest Drive: A man was pulled over at 1 a.m. Saturday after an officer spotted him speeding, running a stop sign, and changing lanes without signaling. When the officer approached the car, he could easily smell alcohol on and around the driver. He asked the 54-year-old man to roll down his driver’s window, but the man yelled at […]

The Hampton-Preston Tourist Home

As the dog days of summer slowly give way to fall’s much-anticipated cooler days and evenings, the capital city swells with a host of festivals and the spectacle of football, the latter of which often dictates social calendars—up to and including when weddings can or should be held. Travel into and around downtown changes pace and volume, and thousands of […]

The Columbia Curmudgeons

FAN- tasyland Dear Curmudgeons- What about those people who talk about their favorite sports teams and say “WE” like they are part of the teams??? -Annoyed with Sports Dear Annoyed with Sports- Yeah, most fans take that “12th man” concept to the extreme. That’s why “fan” is short for “fanatic.” Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to watch the […]

ALL About Golf

Use your lower body for power and direction. I was talking with some of my best students the other day about comparing the golf swing to other sports and natural physical movements. Collectively we confirmed the weight shift and trunk rotation are basic fundamentals in all speed sports. It is amazing to watch someone throw a ball overhanded or swing […]


Are Michaels and Marshalls coming to the old K-Mart site on Jackson Boulevard?

I went to the old KMart location about 7 o’clock one morning in search of an answer. The parking lot was filled with 18-wheelers loaded with huge black pipes. I thought that maybe the creek that runs by the site was about to be diverted. The truckers laughed when I asked if they knew what was going on at the […]

Political Cartoon