Community supports K-9 unit

The Columbia Police Department K- 9 Team was invited to meet Laureate neighbors and others both in the 2012 holiday season and this 2013 season as well. Barbara Harrill began advocating for the CPD K-9 Team in the spring of 2012 when she participated in the K-9 Protective Vest Initiative begun in the Heathwood Park, Cross Hill, and Historic Heathwood […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County tCovenant Road: Police were called to a store at 8 p.m. Tuesday after an irate customer caused a scene and disrupted business. When officers arrived, the clerk told them a woman came in and wanted to make a purchase with a check. The clerk scanned the check into a check approval service, and it was declined. When the […]

Columbia Curmudgeons

Alphabetize the obits! Dear Curmudgeons- It never ceases to amaze me that our local newspaper, The State, cannot always list the obituary write-ups in alphabetical order. Sometimes you have to look on several pages to find your friend’s or loved one’s write-up. What gives? -Just Wondering Dear Just Wondering- We’re guessing our friends at The State do it the most […]

The Colonia, once Columbia’s best winter resort

Artifact Spotlight

Before Columbia was touted as “famously hot”, generations of city boosters went to great lengths to endorse the benefits of South Carolina’s capital city to visitors near and far. In the decades following the Civil War, promoters increasingly referenced the area’s temperate winter climate as a panacea for all that plagued frostbitten northerners. Thanks to improvements in railroad networks during […]


What is the Peace Corps? Who can join?

The Peace Corps was begun with a speech by John F. Kennedy at the University of Michigan in 1960. The President challenged the students to serve their country and the cause of freedom by living and working in developing countries. Since then, more than 210,000 Peace Corps volunteers have worked in 139 countries. The Peace Corps stations volunteers in countries […]

Political Cartoon

New Year, New ME!

I’m just saying...

It’s a brand new year, and I have big plans. This is the year I’m going to implement all my previous New Year’s resolutions. This is the year that final seven pounds is going away, and I’m going back to the gym on a regular basis. I’ve missed the gym for a month now, but I’m going back. I’m going […]

Obscene Gestures

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

It seems after centuries we now have another obscene gesture. Several members of a girls’ high school basketball team have been suspended for posing in a school picture with hands formed in a way deemed unacceptable for polite company. I was taken aback. My stance has always been to keep up with current trends, especially obscene ones. Finding something that […]

Nothing says love like a tweet


I’ve been noticing a disturbing thing on Twitter lately. Apparently, some people like to tweet “sweet nothings” to their significant others. It’s sort of a digital public display of affection. These digital displays are just as bad as when a frisky couple in an adjoining booth at a restaurant is trying to eat each others’ faces while you’re just trying […]

The 10th Annual Heathwood Hall Turkey Trot a success

The 10th Annual Heathwood Hall Turkey Trot was a resounding success. This year’s theme was “we make a life by what we give,” which is often attributed to Sir Winston Churchill. The Turkey Trot took place Tuesday, November 26, and it was the culmination of a series of events that provided students in grades five through eight to participate in […]