Mud Run honors warriors

Historic hangar to be restaurant

A group of private developers and aviation enthusiasts say plans are moving apace to restore and repurpose the historic Curtiss-Wright Hangar at the downtown Hamilton- Owens Airport. The 1929 structure, rusting and mostly neglected for decades, will be reborn as a family-style restaurant, event space and aviation museum, the developers say. The hangar was the first building constructed at the […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres tGlenbrooke Circle: Police were called to a home at 9 p.m. Sunday after two female roommates had a disagreement, and one of the women claimed the other one assaulted her. The 41- year-old owner of the home where a 28-year-old woman rented a room told officers she and the younger woman had a disagreement about the rules of […]

The Columbia Curmudgeons

Packaging Nightmares Dear Curmudgeons, Why does opening cheap electronic items these days require cutting up your fingers on the cheap, impossible to-open plastic molding covering? -Bloody Digits Dear Bloody- That’s all part of the test. If you can figure out how to open the package without losing a finger, then you just might be able to figure out how to […]

South Carolina Dispensary Jo Jo Flask

Among Historic Columbia Foundation’s cultural assets is a museum collection totaling more than 7,000 pieces. These historic treasures span the late 18th through the mid-20th centuries and form the basis of interpretation at the historic house museums and thematic, temporary exhibits on display within them. Glassware makes up one aspect of this collection, which has been honed over the past […]


Why should we reelect Steve Benjamin mayor??

I wrote to the three candidates for mayor and asked each of them why we should elect them mayor. Two of the candidates responded so far. Last week, we published the response from Moe Baddourah. This week, we have Steve Benjamin’s response: I believe in Columbia. I believe in our promise as a city. I believe in our potential to […]

Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention October 20

For many years, Dennis Gillan could not talk about the suicides of his older brother, Mark and his younger brother, Matt. The suicides were several years apart when Dennis was in college at West Virginia University. Originally from New York City, Gillan was one of five siblings, three boys and two girls. His older brother’s suicide shocked his family. Mark […]

Political Cartoon

Chubby is in the eye of the beholder

I’m just saying...

I need a new vet for my dog. Last week, it was time to get his shots and have an annual check-up. I took him to his regular vet, and she wasn’t there. Since I’ve only had Whitman a little over a year, my doggie research is still in progress, but I’ve always liked this particular vet, and, while we […]

The Demise of Civilization

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

I watched with amusement; we all watch with amusement when someone else looks foolish trying to appear aloof. The pretty young girl was trying to exit Target, checking her phone and juggling her bags as she walked to the manual door and waited for it to magically open at her mere presence. After a couple of seconds, she stared coldly […]