Ambassadors do live-saving work

Jeffrey and Alexa Bigwarfe and their family are serving as Columbia’s 2013 March for Babies Ambassadors to help raise awareness about the lifesaving work of the March of Dimes. The Greater Columbia Region March for Babies event will take place April 27 at 9 a.m. (registration at 8 a.m.) at The State Fairgrounds. The Bigwarfe’s understand firsthand what it can […]

100-year-old home saved for veteran’s wife

Mary Davis is ecstatic about her newly renovated home, which she hopes to move into soon. She has been staying in a hotel. Mrs. Davis, a recent amputee, is the widow of World War II Veteran PRC Solomon Davis. Mrs. Davis who is confined to a wheelchair, was denied her husband’s military benefits earlier this year. She was living in […]

Biggest crime in March: Vehicle break-ins

The most prevalent crime in Columbia last month was theft from motor vehicles, with almost 40 reported incidents according to the Raids Online crime mapping technology on the Columbia Police Department website. Theft from motor vehicles accounted for approximately 18 percent of all crimes last month in Columbia. On March 9, seven out of eight incidents occurred within a mile […]

Readers value community newspapers

Although our society is becoming more and more plugged into the Internet, there are some things the online universe cannot provide or substitute for us. This includes the unique services provided to citizens by community newspapers. Weekly and small daily papers help strengthen communities, build local economies, and report on local governments. Readers of community newspapers understand and appreciate these […]

Strengthen sex education

How’s sex these days in South Carolina? Well, our state’s teenagers seem to like it: almost 60 percent of South Carolina’s high school seniors are sexually active. Whatever our personal attitudes about sex, we certainly wouldn’t wish these youngsters unnecessary harm. But unnecessary harm is exactly what they are experiencing. The rate of teen pregnancy and births in South Carolina […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County tBeltline Blvd.: A woman called police at midnight Saturday and told them she had just been robbed. She described her assailant as a black male with long dreadlocks wearing a long black coat. She also said the man was wearing camouflage boxers which were clearly visible because his pants were so low. Officers found him a few streets […]

The Grumpy Old Man

When are kids in school? Can somebody tell me when kids are actually in school? They get every holiday, not to mention Christmas and Easter break. Then they get teacher work days off. If that’s not enough, schools throw in late starts, early dismissals, and half days. What is more worthless than a half day? These days parents spend more […]

Historic Columbia

For generations of Americans, April 1865 became a symbolic, watershed month in which the painful national divisions associated with the American Civil War reached a climax. Bloodied and battle wearied, most soldiers on both sides of the North- South conflict silenced their weapons at Appomattox, Virginia, April 9, 1865, following General Robert E. Lee’s official surrender to General Ulysses S. […]

Silver-haired travelers sail into the sunset

Word passed quietly among the dignified dinner guests on the ocean liner the night before it returned to port. Some other fellow travelers would not be joining them when they debarked. That’s because eight of their fellow passengers would be leaving the big liner via a special gangway-met on the pier by a hearse instead of a car. The departing […]

Political Cartoon