100 brave the plunge

By polar bear standards, a dip in Lake Carolina on January 5 is practically a balmy experience. For South Carolinians, it is a brisk and brief adventure. One hundred brave souls participated in the 9th Annual Polar Bear plunge, which raises funds for Children’s Charities of the Midlands, stripping down to their swim suits in the 43 degree weather and […]

Attention, Columbia women!

The weekend of February 8 is all about you.

SHE Columbia, described as “a party, a culinary experience, a learning opportunity, and a shopping spree all rolled into one,” is coming to the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, and organizers promise it will be an experience that attendees, regardless of age, will find fascinating. According to JBM & Associates’ Jacqui Bomar, the president of the organization producing the event, SHE […]

Political Cartoon

Letter to Richland County Council challenges Sales Tax Referendum

To: Members of Richland County Council To understand the impact the November 6 election debacle had on voter participation, consider this: Richland County’s voter turnout usually exceeds the state average. This time, however, Richland had the second-worst voter participation in the state, behind only Marlboro County. (This time, just 65 percent of registered voters in Richland County cast ballots. The […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres tForest Drive: An 82-year-old woman called police at 11:30 a.m. Friday after she discovered her wallet had been stolen while she was shopping. The woman said she reached for her wallet to pay for something at a pharmacy, and it was gone. She said she immediately went to the bank to cancel her Visa card, but in the […]

U.N.C.L.E. would like to meet with you

Sheriff Leon Lott constantly seeks to find innovative ways to enhance the quality of life for our citizens; but he also knows that it takes active citizens who are involved, vigilant, and who develop great ideas themselves that make our communities safer. Lott states we will constantly improve our crime prevention programs for the citizens of Richland County and continue […]

Red Cross immediately assists residents affected by fire

On January 4, seven Red Cross disaster responders were on the scene providing immediate emergency assistance to 17 individuals affected by a multiunit apartment fire located at Hunter’s Way Apartments on Percival Road in Columbia. The Red Cross is providing temporary lodging and financial assistance to purchase food, clothing, shoes, prescription medication and other essential items. In addition, the Red […]

Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center’s inmates program changes lives

On Thursday, December 20, the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center celebrated their first Turning Leaf Project ( TLP) graduation. After 12 arduous weeks, 21 inmates received their well-deserved certificates to honor their hard work and completion of the program. TLP provides an opportunity for inmates in Charleston and Columbia to change their lives by helping them develop a better understanding […]

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OMG! What happened to grammar?

I’m just saying...

Our society is getting far too casual. The art of letterwriting is becoming a thing of the past as we are all hooked up to our iPhones and iPads and iWhatevers. The social media is a wonderful thing, but I’m beginning to think it’s replacing human contact, and it’s definitely wiping out the need for grammar and spelling. I remember […]