Is adventure racing the answer?

More then 66.9% of the four million South Carolinians are overweight. Of those, 26.2% report they have not participated in any physical activity in the last month (source: CDC US Obesity Trends by state 2010). South Carolina’s response to obesity is to create a strategic plan with layers of programs, revisions, policies, and online reporting systems. This may work for […]

Elementary school gives Soles 4 Souls

Physical education teacher Lindsay Belville coordinated an event recently at Bridge Creek Elementary to help others in need. Students, parents, and teachers bought in new and used shoes through the school-wide shoe drive for an organization called Soles 4 Souls. This organization is a charity that distributes shoes to people in need across the world. This event was coordinated with […]

Medal of Valor honors S.C. Law Enforcement’s bravest

It’s something folks might often take for granted, and understandably so. After all, we live in a modern society and pay our taxes, and therefore we fully expect the traffic lights to work and the fire trucks to respond when we need them to. But how often do we really stop and think of the sometimes life-threatening circumstances behind those […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres tHansen Avenue: A neighbor called police at 8 a.m. Monday to complain about a possible animal abuse situation on her block. The woman said three men used to live in the house with three dogs. When they moved recently, they took two of the three dogs. They left a chow/mix dog in the yard. Three women moved in, […]

Local pet owners donate livesaving pet oxygen kits to Columbia Fire Department

Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins and the Columbia Fire Department received six donated pet oxygen mask kits from Yolanda Wardlaw and Ann Jones of Columbia after they participated in an online auction which raised funds to purchase the kits from the Wag’N O2 Fur Life® Life Program. Wagn’N O2 Fur Life® Program was established in 2008 and has been providing […]

Political Cartoon

A day of thanks is not a day for deals

I’m just saying...

As Santa Clause is making his list and checking it twice, I’d like to get a look at the names of the retail geniuses who came up with the idea of starting “Black Friday” on Thanksgiving night. I’m pretty sure they would be on the “naughty” side. Thanksgiving is the one holiday in the year that is totally about giving […]

Brandy and dog years

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

While standing in the World Market checkout line recently, I noticed the cashier’s name tag. I notice lots of things. Keeping quiet on some of the things I notice would be a better plan, but I’m seemingly incapable of that. Her name was Brandy. I found the spelling refreshing; no “I” dotted by a heart, just a basic spelling the […]

Missing the Christmas trees of excess


What happened to the good old days when it didn’t matter if the Christmas tree turned brown because it was covered with so much stuff that you couldn’t see it anyway? What happened to the days when the challenge was not to create a picturesque piece of artwork, but to see how many ornaments, garland strands, tinsel pieces, and big […]

Silver Foxes tame Timberwolves and earn a shot at the state title

The Dutch Fork Silver Foxes—powered by four rushing touchdowns from running back Matt Colburn—will head to the Class 4A Division I high school championship football game this Saturday, December 1. “We feel like we have been a strong program,” said Dutch Fork head coach Tom Knotts. “ We have not beaten the Byrnes or Gaffneys of the world, so we […]