S. C. Woodlands and waterways win heart of biologist

A seasoned biologist, John Cely brings an expert’s eye and a poet’s soul to the forays of his beloved woodlands and waterways in the South Carolina Midlands area called COWASEE. When he joined Congaree Land Trust in 2007, Cely had already achieved a distinguished record in wildlife conservation at the S.C. Department of Natural Resources where he specialized in research […]

Lt. Col . Horace E. Crouch served his nation and our community

A honeymoon in the mountains of Oregon was cut short by the news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The husband, Lt. Col. Horace E. “Sally” Crouch, born in Columbia, S.C., on October 29, 1918, attended Columbia High School, graduated from The Citadel in Charleston, served in the United States Air Force, and retired as a mathematics teacher at Columbia […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia 12th Street: Police were called to a restaurant at 2 p.m. Monday after a woman said a strange man accosted her. The woman said she was ordering her food when she felt someone grab her leg. She said she tried to pull away, but the man held on, and she practically had to kick him off of her. […]

Historic marker for the late Rev. I. DeQuincey Newman unveiled

The name and reputation of the late Reverend I. DeQuincey Newman is well known among present- day Columbians. To insure it will survive for future generations, a historic plaque at his Chappelle Street home was unveiled Saturday, June 30. Family members, fellow church goers, and other interested members of the community gathered for the brief ceremony, and then proceeded to […]

Political Cartoon

Reality isn’t too realistic

I’m just saying...

These reality shows are getting out of hand. This past weekend, my husband and I caught this show on television called, “Man, Woman, Wild.” It’s actually a fun show where this man and wife show us how to survive in all sorts of wild and inhospitable locations around the world. It’s called a “reality show,” but I have my doubts. […]

Responsible Americans

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

America has been headed to Hell on a runaway freight train for quite some time. The direction has been obvious since my grandfather was a whippersnapper. Each generation has failed to heed the lessons of their elders and been unable to stop the slow but steady degradation. Part of the growing problem is lack of personal responsibility by a large […]

A Brave new world


I recently went to see the new Disney Pixar movie Brave with my family. Disney and Pixar have once again created a magical movie that will end up in our DVD collection beside the Toy Storymovies, The Incredibles, Cars 1and 2, Finding Nemo, and just about anything else that has the Disney/Pixar brand. But that’s not what this column is […]

Mayor Benjamin plans world class city

When Benjamin first took office two years ago, he says there were four areas he focused on the most: public safety, job creation, providing a clean city, and a fiscally responsible city. The city finished the 2010/2011 fiscal year in the black and all indications are it will do so again in 2011/ 2012 when the reports are available in […]

Belinda Gergel leaves Columbia City Council to live in Charleston

Saturday, June 30 marked the last official day for Dr. Belinda Gergel as a member of Columbia City Council. Known for her hard work and the relationships with the community leaders she represents, Gergel spent part of the Columbia City Council meeting Tuesday, June 26 receiving the praise and accolades from residents of District 3. Residents from Hollywood-Rose Hill, Edisto […]