Astronomer’s contributions are out of this world

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said mortal folk on this planet called earth should focus on the beauty of life – “to watch the stars and see yourself running with them.” The stoic philosopher thought contemplating nature was a way to preserve peace of mind and gain inspiration while struggling with the thornier issues of life. His wise teaching was […]

Columbians to cover 7,000 kms and six African countries for children

It’s one thing to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – Columbia’s Michael Wright and Micah Kurtz are going to travel 7,000 kilometers in order to provide almost 500 children the opportunity to walk in their own shoes. The two men, Wright, a law clerk for H. Bruce Williams at South Carolina Court of Appeals and Kurtz, the strength/conditioning […]

RCSD’s team are winners in “PFC Boyd Junior Top Cop Competition”

For the past 16 years Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott has had a passion for creating the most professional and the best educated and physically prepared department. The sheriff has implemented educational and fitness training/requirements for all deputies. The sheriff believes a higher physical and mental standard is a journey and not a destination. It is a constant evolving process. […]

The potato farmers were not ignorant

I enjoy reading Warner Montgomery’s articles about his travels and particularly like looking at the photos. But I bristled at his recent history of the Montgomery conversion of “the pagan potato farmers” in Ireland, as both arrogant and incorrect. St. Patrick went to Ireland as a captive in the year 389 and returned 432 to carry the Gospel of Christ […]

Music program at Trinity Cathedral is extraordinary

My husband and I have just returned from a visit to your fine city. We have had occasion to visit many times since our son, Christopher Jacobson, now lives there. The most recent trip was to hear the final recital of a year-long series, most of them at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, of the complete organ works of J. S. Bach. […]

Consumers have no protection

I recently paid a concrete driveway contractor close to $5,000 to replace my driveway and walkway. I assumed that he would do the work satisfactorily, and that I would have recourse if he did not. I was wrong on both accounts. The work he completed was unsatisfactory. Further, the work I had paid for was not completed. I sued, and […]

Minimum Wage, 100 years later

June marks the 100 year anniversary of the first minimum wage law passed in the United States. And, while there is nothing new about low-wage work, we should take this occasion to recognize an even more dispiriting fact about the low-wage workforce: It could have been a thing of the past. The first minimum wage law in the United States […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Richland County tCovenant Road: Police were flagged down by a man at 1 a.m. Monday, and he told them there were several children in the parking lot of his apartment building who said their apartment was on fire. Officers did see smoke billowing from one of the buildings, and the children were upset that other relatives were in the apartment. […]

Supreme Court disenfranchises voters

SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly today issued a statement following the S.C. Supreme Court’s decision in the Florence county election case: “Today’s Supreme Court decision is extremely disappointing. This is a sad day for South Carolina voters,” said Chairman Connelly. “It’s tragic that good citizens, both Republicans and Democrats, attempted to file as candidates, only to have their names tossed out […]

New executive director of the Parks and Recreation Department envisions top park system in the state

There is no doubt of the enthusiasm that Jeff Caton, the new executive director for the Parks and Recreation Department, has when he talks about parks in Columbia. “My vision is we’re the capital city, and we should have the top park system in the state of South Carolina, at the very least.” While only on the job for ten […]