Teachers defy gravity

Three teachers from Forest Lake Elementary have just returned from a five- day, gravity- defying experience. Educators Denise Duke, Tammy Lundy and Becky Steurrys were one of 14 teams selected to travel to the Johnson Space Center in Houston in early February to participate in NASA’s Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program, which was provided by the agency’s Explorer Schools program. […]

Lieutenant’s love wins wedding package

Talk about a whirlwind romance. Columbia resident Lt. Stephen Johnson proposed to Jessie Gudgel, and three weeks later they were married, thanks to his entry in a contest sponsored by the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show. Johnson, the son of Jerrie and Lonnie Gross and Stephen and Cindy Johnson, entered his bride-to-be in the contest, saying of 28- year- […]

Eastover resident needs help from community

Alton Cooper, 36, is waiting for the phone call that will change his life. He needs a kidney transplant, but the costs are overwhelming. Volunteers are planning a fundraiser to help. In 2005, Cooper was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Now, Cooper’s kidneys are failing, and doctors say a kidney transplant is critical to his survival. While awaiting his lifesaving […]

Hunter answers non-hunter

I read the article you published from Corry Mason suggesting we eat road kill and that hunters are murderers. I began to hunt at age 55. My sonin law introduced me to hunting, and we have enjoyed the time spent in the field planning and going on hunting outings. The hunting experience is more about the relationship and fellowship with […]

Massachusetts resident responds to business editor

Regarding the column on 24 February that compares the South Carolina state pension fund with the Harvard endowment: The performance of HMC, or Harvard Management Corporation, over the past six years is accessible, as is the back story of the financial tribulations of the school itself under the aegis of president Lawrence Summers and others. Thus, it surprises me that […]

Kitty found at Walmart

KITTY EMERGENCY: Rescued, young female gray with white feet, seen jumping out from under a car in a Walmart parking lot, lost and afraid, dodging cars. When contacted we felt we must try to save her, however we have no shelter, and the one foster home we have is full and foster parent is having health problems. This kitty is […]

Forest Acres

tBrentwood Drive, 1000 block: A woman called police from a gas station at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday after she said her former boyfriend pulled a gun on her when she went to his house to retrieve her belongings. One officer went to get a statement from the 45-yearold woman, and another went to talk to the accused man. The 62-year-old man […]

Giving 100 hours to honor 100 years

Giving 100 hours to honor 100 years. That’s the mantra for members of St. John’s Shandon Episcopal Church in 2012. March 18 is the anniversary date for this church’s 1912 charter. And that special occasion will be marked with appropriate activities. Many months ago, members of the congregation decided they will spend this entire year celebrating their history. Every family […]

St. John’s Episcopal Church feeds the hungry

At 4:15 p.m. on Saturday, March 3, representatives of St. John’s Episcopal Church delivered 2,249 pounds of food collected in just one day at two different Piggly Wiggly locations. The collected shelf-stable food arrived in two pickup trucks, a trailer, and a filled SUV. The donated food, collected in just one day by St. John’s Episcopal volunteers, totaling 2,249 pounds […]

Ballet spins money for Harvest Hope

Harvest Hope Food Bank received a donation of over $2,800 on the stage of the Koger Center for the Performing Arts Friday, March 2 at 12: 30 pm, immediately following Columbia Classical Ballet’s performance of Le Corsaire. The donation is from Fisher Communications and an anonymous donor on behalf of Columbia Classical Ballet and was based on ticket sales and […]