Neighborhood raises money to protect K-9 officers

When Annette Boette retired from social work. She found another way to help her community: raising money to supply police dogs with vests. She presented the idea to the leader of Heathwood Park Neighborhood Association, Nancy Stevens, and they got the ball rolling to collect donations for Vest ’N P.D.P. Susie Jean started Vest ’N P.D.P. When Jean watched a […]

Miss Emmie’s namesake steals the show

Four generations of the Douglas family: seated (l-r) Billy Douglas, Lillian Douglas; Standing (l-r) Gayle Douglass Johnson, Laurie Douglas, Bill Douglas, William Douglas, Angie Douglas, and Little Miss Emmie. Miss Emmie ( Emily Carter Douglas) is one of Columbia’s home- grown heroines. For more than 30 years she nurtured and educated the children of Shandon and became one of the […]

Using military service to sell ads stands as a memorial

Editor’s note: In the August 12 issue of The Columbia Star Julia Rogers Hook wrote a column Don’t use military service to sell products. This is regarding former servicemen using their former service in ads. My impression is that they include it out of pride in their service. In the case of lawyers, they may simply want people to know […]

When will S.C. get mad enough to change?

Each year about this time, following the release of the latest Kids Count report, the print and electronic media offer their annual reaction. In editorials like the one in The State on August 25 have-a-stake-in-improving.html or in op-ed pieces and letters to the editor, like this one, South Carolinians lament the current state of our children. I’ve lived here […]

Spending becoming more transparent

I was sitting at my desk last Monday when I got a call I had long awaited: The city of Greenville had decided to post its spending details on its website. It had been more than a year since I’d driven to Greenville to meet with Mayor Knox White and city staff to talk with them about posting their spending […]

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia tAugusta Road, 1300 block: Local police received a phone call from a Sumter County police station at 2 p.m. Tuesday. Sumter police told the West Columbia officer they had a man in their headquarters who claimed to have been abducted and forced to drive to Sumter at gunpoint. The kidnap victim told local officers he was driving along […]

Paul Redfern, a Columbia hero, remembered

It was exactly 85 years ago that Paul Redfern, a graduate of Columbia High School and one of America’s leading aviators, set out to be the first person to fly from North America to South America. The Paul Rinaldo Redfern Aviation Society raised their glasses at 12:46, August 25, to toast Redfern’s takeoff from Brunswick, Georgia, for Rio de Janeiro, […]


Happy days are here again…

I’m just saying...

Oh it’s a happy time these days in my house. My husband is smiling, and his step is lighter and sometimes I even think I hear him humming softly to himself as he’s taking out the garbage or watering plants. And I know why. Football is back. Saturday will be the first Gamecock football game, and all is right in […]

Worms are idiots

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

During any lengthy period between soaking rain showers, worms start to populate the paved road where we walk the dogs. Most are fried by the hot asphalt and end up as sustenance for the various ants and bugs in the immediate vicinity. The Woman Whose Garbage I’m Responsible for saves as many as possible. She cares about such creatures. I […]