Bu s in es s Briefs

Power As part of the bus transfer deal several years ago between the city and SCE&G, the city gained the hydro–electric power plant at the end of the Columbia Canal next to the Gervais Street bridge. At the time, around 2002, the power plant was cranking out electric power worth about $1 million per year. Since then SCE&G has credited […]

Folks about town

Richland County Recreation Commission has been awarded $90,000 from the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant program. Judith Rink of Chapin received SUNY Cortland Alumni Association’s highest honor, the Distinguished Alumni Award. University of South Carolina geographers Dr. Kirstin Dow and Dr. Ed Carr are among 800 of the world’s top scientists who will have key roles in compiling an […]

Social Security direct deposits can reduce fraud

Question: I have been helping my mother manage her finances since she had a stroke two years ago. Her primary income comes from Social Security, and last month I was late paying her bills because the check was delivered to the wrong house. Is there something that I can do to make sure this does not happen again? Answer: One […]

Sertoma installs officers

Rotary awards scholarship

Political Cartoon

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

The 80s did it

Last week I watched Hot Tub Time Machine, the most recent of many really bad decisions that initially seemed smart. I can’t describe my embarrassment. The plot involved three friends whose lives didn’t resemble the ones they had imagined in their youth. After a personal crisis, they traveled to a ski resort they frequented in their glory days, hoping to […]

Forty– something

Yard sales are as much fun as MSNBC

I don’t hate yard sales, unless I’m the one giving them. The practice is a time–honored tradition that transforms one man’s clutter into another man’s treasure. I get that. I would just prefer to have my eyelids taped open and be forced to watch hours of Keith Olbermann in some sort of Clockwork Orange nightmare than have some complete stranger […]


Bob Ford’s Call the Cops!

Battlefield skills on I–85

A U.S. soldier, we’ll call Army Specialist Donald Duncan, is on his way south along I–95 with his wife and mother–in–law. They are in two vehicles with Duncan in the lead car towing a U–haul trailer. Duncan’s wife and her mother are following in a second car. Duncan’s car develops mechanical trouble so he signals his wife to pull over […]