Jumping at a second chance

Don't take your organs to heaven. Heaven knows we need them here.

By Mimi M. MaddockMimi@TheColumbiaStar.com Jake Williams gave away the bronze medal he received at the National Transplant Games to his donor family. It was May, 1999. Williams had a little wine and felt sick. It’s the cabernet , he thought. Williams had a bit of watermelon and felt sicker. It’s the watermelon , he thought. When he went to the […]

Marine leaves legacy of hope

This world is a better place for each of us today thanks to the life of Corporal David Gardner Weimortz of Irmo, S.C. David was a fearless Marine, but he was first a son to Mrs. Fran Fellers and Mr. Terry Weimortz, a brother to Miss Kelly Weimortz and a friend to everyone he ever came into contact with. This […]

Even soldiers in Iraq read The Columbia Star

Every week Arthur R. Thexton sends four or five packages including The Columbia Star to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pictured is the 3rd Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division out from Washington State. They are stationed up north in the Kurdish part of Iraq.

Neighborhood dishes:

noun: local restuarants where friends, family, and neighbors gather to enjoy good food, friendly service, and pleasant company.

noun: local restuarants where friends, family, and neighbors gather to enjoy good food, friendly service, and pleasant company. Nearly every neighborhood has one: a place where friends, family, and neighbors gather to enjoy good food, friendly service, and pleasant company. In our series, Neighborhood Dishes, we will visit four Columbia area restaurants that possess all these qualities. We will visit […]

Neighborhood Dishes

The Other Store Forest Acres

The Other Store Forest Acres By Natasha DerrickNatasha@TheColumbiaStar.com Its humble name and simple white exterior don’t draw attention or make a statement. Simply called, The Other Store, Linda and Bill Sellers’ deli and convenience store offers much more than the name implies. Nestled in the back room behind the racks of standard convenience store fare is the cozy kitchen that […]

Facts regarding LifePoint and organ, eye, tissue donation:

+ S.C. is one of the leaders in the U.S. (in regard to the number of organs recovered.) + Eight lives can be saved by one donor and hundreds more can have life en-hancements through tissue and ocular donations. + LifePoint, Inc., is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to advancing organ, eye, and tissue donation in South Carolina for transplantation […]

Star Profile Karen Floyd, Republican candidate for S.C. Superintendent of Education

By John Temple LigonTemple@TheColumbiaStar.com Karen Floyd was born in Hermann Hospital in the world’s largest medical complex, the Texas Medical Center in Houston, where her father was a geologist for Esso, now Exxon-Mobil. At age five, her father and Esso moved the family to Libya. Finally in 1971, they moved to South Carolina, and her father located at USC as […]


by John Temple Ligon Sporting News to see more NASCAR Charlotte-based American City Business Journals is the nation’s leading publisher of metropolitan business newspapers. ACBJ has 41 weekly business publications in cities across the U.S. Last week, ACBJ agreed to acquire Sporting News magazine and its 3.9 million weekly readers. St. Louis-based Sporting News has been published without interruption since […]

Budding business students visit from Romania

By John Temple LigonTemple@TheColumbiaStar.com Last week eight Romanian high school students and their seven teachers discussed their 2006 Global Issues English Immersion Camp. Escorting the group were their international relations officer and their official interpreter. Their visit to Columbia was partially funded by the State Department in Washington. The balance of the sponsorship was shared by the Moore School of […]

Sports minds merge to launch Xcelerated Athletics

Donovan Craft and Richard Williams feel right at home with the sounds of referee whistles and cheering fans at Plex Indoor Sports in Northeast Columbia. With a long history as athletes, trainers, and great friends, these two talented sports minds have merged to become ambassadors for physical fitness at the new Xcelerated Athletics training facility inside the Plex. “‘Big Rich’ […]